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Making Dry-Cured Meat – How to Make Dried Sausages?

Has regular cooking bored you? Do you want to try something new? Well, you can try your hands at making Droewors or dried sausages. It is a type of cured meat that remains uncooked but has been dried and incubated.

Due to its popularity, the dry-cured meat industry in Australia remained untouched by the pandemic. So, if you want to start a packaged food business, here is your chance.

Before you can go commercial, you need to perfect your dry-cured meat-making abilities.


The Steps Involved in Creating Droewors

Every recipe for making dried sausages is different. There are variations in portion, size and ingredients, but the basic process remains the same.

The basic steps involved in curating a good batch of dry-cured sausages include:

  1. Grind the ingredients that you want in your sausage
  2. Follow the instructions on the bacterial culture and add it to the ingredients
  3. Mix everything well and ensure there are no lumps; try to mash it
  4. Take generous portions and stuff it into a casing of your choice
  5. Record the weights of each case with the sausage mixture and write it down
  6. Incubate the sausages by hanging them to dry at a warm temperature
  7. Use the ideal temperature settings in a chamber and place it to dry
  8. Keep monitoring the sausages, adjusting the temperature and looking for moulds
  9. Weigh the meat and check its textural doneness periodically
  10. Equalize the sausages and cut them into tiny pieces to eliminate case hardening

If you follow these steps correctly, you can create a good batch of Droewors without worrying about the quality.


Tips for Making Dried Sausages

You need to adhere to four things while cooking dried sausages. These things have to be perfect if you want to create a tasty batch of dry-cured meat:

  • Use the suitable salt accurately (Do not use iodine)
  • Dry the sausages in a controlled environment (70% humid with 55oF)
  • Get the right meat for dry cure sausages (Use fatty meat)
  • Season it with good-quality spices (Use local flavours)

If you follow the steps and these tips, you can create a perfect dry-cured sausage with numerous benefits.


Benefits of Having Traditional Dried Sausages in Australia

Aussies consider dry-cured sausages to be a delicacy. Indeed, there are various benefits that you can indulge in after having this meat.

  • It is a great post-workout meal
  • There is a low carbohydrate and high protein content
  • The sausages can efficiently complement any diet
  • The ingredients can help people lose weight
  • This snack houses fewer kilojoules
  • Dried sausages have minerals like B12 and iron that enhances red blood cell production
  • It does not have gluten and assists in weight loss


The Bottom Line

Droewors are dried sausages, and Australians believe making them is an art form. You might find it simple but exponentially complex as well.

This contradicting essence is mainly because of the various intricacies that you need to abide by. For example, the dried sausage should have suitable salt and be dried at controlled temperatures. Once you get the hang of it, you will find this delicacy easy to make and very scrumptious.

Follow the recipes properly to achieve a result that does not make you puke. So, are you ready to create something unique in the kitchen and surprise your family?


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