Classy Embroidery Sarees

One of our traditional and ancient attire for women in sarees.Embroidery saree is worn by every kind of women atleast once in lifetime. These sarees comes in many variety and designs and ample of fabric options for you to choose from. Be it a simple saree or a designer saree you’ll find everything for every occasion you are planning from.

Be it draping your mom’s printed saree to play to wearing your own bridal saree, every women have a special place in their heart for sarees. Sarees can be worn by girls of every age. For their farewell party or to make a fashion statement. With vivid colours and designs available in fashion industry you’ll find everything of your desire in sarees. 

One of the most loved sarees is embroidered sarees, earlier they used to be out of reach for middle class women, as they were handmade making them expensive and unaffordable for them, but with evolution in iIndian textile manufacturing you’ll find embroidered saree at a great and affordable price. You’ll find the collection of embroidery sarees with different range and exclusiveness you can choose according to your preferences.

Embroidery sarees wholesale are embellished with seuence, tassels, beads, thread work, shells and many such making it not suitable for everyday but, you’ll find many sarees with basic embroidery which can be ideally worn for everyday.

This years with the help of this article get yourself these trendy and class embroidery sarees, which will be ideal for every occasion. 

1. Kashmiri Saree

The kashmiri sarees comes with traditional sytunny embroidery at the border of the saree, the work is knon as  Kashida embroidery.  This embroidery comes in motifs of animals, birds, flowers and leaf.  The most prominenet wokr is of floral prints. 

2. Parsi Gara saree

Inspired from chinise royaly the “Gara”  embroidery has become a sensational embroidery. You’ll find three different kinds in these Gara embroidery firstly motifs on pallu, border embroidery with denser pattern and lastly floral patterns for regular wear.

3. Gollabhama saree

A tradition of telangana, these gollabhama sarees are pure example of their culture and tradition. These sarees are mostly found in hand woven patterns making them more exquisite.

4. Bhagalpuri silk saree

Bhagalpuri silk is a lasting fabric which is a premium quality fabric. The fabric has its origin from Bihar, the prints and embroidery work on this saree is not only enchantuing but mesmerizing too. 

5. Pashmina embroidered saree

Pashmina silk if a fine extraction of wool of mountain sheep. This is one of the smoothest saree which can easily pass through a ring without any obstacle. These sarees look shiny and glossy. 

6. Net embroidery saree

If you plan on getting yourself an attractive embroidery saree this is the perfect one for you. Net embroidery is trendy and in demand these days. These are highly suitable for evening parties. Choosing some vivid brighter shades will be a smart choice.

7. Lace embroidered saree

A light weight fabric like georgette or chiffon when embroidered with lce pattern is all you need for your next occasion. The lace work on the pallu and border is what make this saree enchanting. You can get this work beautifully on other fabrics too. 

8. Rich golden embroidery saree

Golden embroidery give your saree a beautiful traditional look. The trend of golden embroidered work has its  origin from Gujarat but you’ll find it all across the country now. 

9. Printed saree with simple embroidery

If you are one of those who wear sarees on everyday basis be at home or office, these are the best option for you. This modern printed with simple embroidery saree should be a must have saree for you.

10. Floral embroidery saree

Flowers are always refreshing and intrituding, the floral prints inspired by flowers on sarees are real gems. If you are planningto get yourself a saree in floral prints get it in cotton fabric.

Which will give you not only a refreshing look but will make you feel cool and composed too. These enchanting prints will make your traditional outfit more captivating. 

11. Full embroidery saree

This saree is perfect for you when you are looking for a heavy worked saree for your special occasion. This saree is sure going to make you overwhelmed by how breathtaking you are going to look in this. The designs on this saree is intricate, minute and done in great precised manner. 

12. Silk embroidery saree

Silk itself is an alluring fabric when paired with classy it sure is gonna make you look ravishing. When silk is blend with amazing traditional work it sure going to make your wardrobes most important possession. 

13. Cut work embroidery saree

One of the popular handmade  sarees you’ll find worn in wedding and religious events. This is a traditional outfit with a spice of trendy designs, these always rank on the top when you are talking about trendy traditional sarees. 

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14. Patchwork embroidery saree

When they bring various kinds of pieces of different fabric and sewn together the call it by the name of patchwork embroidery saree.

It is a needlework technique used to sew different kind of fabrics of different textures to build a geometric designs. When this is seen on pallu and borders of your saree you sure would the head turner of the event. 

15. Wedding embroidery saree

You’ll find the fashion designers who designs traditional outfits adapting the era, you’ll find many beautiful wedding wear sarees in heavy embroidery, choosing a solid color saree in darker tone to look more eye catching.

16. Trendy designer saree

You’ll find beautiful and elegant stunning patterns in the pallu and border of sarees, as the border and pallu is embroidered wholly these are ideal for large gatherings and parties. Wear your designer blouse to wear with these embroidered saree to get tonnes of compliments on you way.

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