It’s summer time: the funniest water games for children!

Very often going to the beach or swimming pool is one of the most requested activities by children and kids who would spend hours and hours in the water playing and soaking.

So let’s see together some original ideas and suggestions for playing in the water with guaranteed fun .

The classic games to play in the water: from the aquatic poison ball to flying balloons

In summer , ball games can never be miss and since it is also very hot this season, why not combine ball games with water?

The aquatic poison ball is a variant of the classic poison ball which involves filling very large or no small balloons with water.

It is important not to fill the balloons with water to the brim otherwise it can be difficult to keep them in your hand with the risk that they explode before throwing them!

The game of the aquatic poison ball involves dividing the children into two teams that face each other, separated by a certain distance. You can also form more than two teams and devise a sort of tournament that would encourage some healthy competition between the children themselves.

The game is very simple: it involves throwing balloons filled with water in turn trying to hit a member of the opposing team.

If a member of a team is hit or eliminated or points are awarded to the hitting team. In the end, whoever scores the most points wins the game. Simple, isn’t it?

By filling the balloons full of water, you can also opt to play with flying balloons: just arrange yourself in a circle and pass the balloon filled with water from hand to hand, trying not to let it burst.

The child whose hand the balloon bursts is eliminate from the game and continues until the only child whose water-fill balloon bursts remains.

Alternatively, if you do not want to remove the children from the game, you can remove points from the children whose balloon bursts in their hand and at the end of the game whoever has more points than the others wins.

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The most beautiful summer games for children with ice water

If you do not have the sea nearby you can still have a lot of fun with simple water that is make to freeze. The essential ingredient for all games is imagination and with simple ice you can have fun in as many ways as possible during the summer.

During very hot and sultry days, children can be told to wet their shirts under running water or with a garden watering can and then place them in the freezer for about 15 minutes.
Once a quarter of an hour has pass, the shirts are take out of the freezer which in the meantime have froze and the children are invite to put them back on.

The difficulty lies in the fact that in the meantime the shirts have become hard and therefore difficult to put on: the child who manages to put on the shirt completely first wins the race. In reality this game gives a little coolness to all the children during the very hot days so it can be  that in the end everyone wins!

Using plain water and placing it in the ice molds, you can play in many ways after the water solidifies into ice forming cubes.

In fact, it is possible to hide inside the various molds of the various plastic toys or puppets, both of animals and cartoon characters and wait for the ice to form around, which goes to cover the toy placed inside.

Once the cubes with the puppets solidify, you can play in your garden or in a park by burying these cubes in the ground and playing little archaeologists, having fun every time you find a cube. A variant is to let the child win who first finds the cube with a certain doll inside.

A very original game suitable for children during the summer: the water catcher

The water catcher is an original game that also develops the ability of children during particularly hot days.
The best multiplayer game consists of an adult or an older child who shoots jets of fresh water at other children via a garden watering can

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Each child who takes part in the game has a glass or a container in his hand and must try to capture as much water as possible inside from the jet that is shoot from the watering can.

Also playing in teams, you must then fill the bottles positioned halfway between the teams with the container that has captured the water.

In the end, whoever manages to fill the bottle up to the set limit first wins!

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