How to style a long tunic dress for a wedding?

How to style a long tunic dress for a wedding?

With Every Wedding Season, comes the duty to make you look more stylish than the previous time. As the Wedding Season is here and if you are looking to go for. Tunic dresses, then there are a lot of styling options that you can try out! 

What are Tunics dresses?

Tunics are one of those outfits that began as an ad but have since become a standard in women’s wardrobes all around the world. These fashionable long shirts are descended from a similar costume worn by Ancient Greek males. 

Today’s version, on the other hand, is primarily worn by women and has a more flattering, feminine cut. There are numerous different types, with the Indian tunic being one of the most prominent. It has a lot in common with western tunics, but it has certain distinct visual traits that give it an ethnic look.

A tunic is an ideal option for you if you want to put together a fashionable outfit. Dressing in tunic tops or dresses will never let you down, whether it’s for a casual or dinner date. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest ways to wear tunic dresses.

So pair your tunic tops with slim-fit jeans, leggings, skirts, and other similar items. However, it should not be worn with flared or baggy pants. An attractive belt can be worn with a tunic for a more feminine appearance. Now you may flaunt a tunic dress in a current, trendy approach that will make you feel beautiful for the rest of your life.

Style your long Tunic dress with a skirt


This look has created a buzz for a flawless finish, a casual outing with your friends, a shopping binge, or a lovely evening cafe. Pair your long tunic dresses with a simple long maxi skirt in a flowy fabric for a boho look.

For a likewise style look, pair a center-cut Tunic dress or a side-cut tunic dress with long maxi skirts in tulle, georgette, crepe, or plains and designs. Add a beaded huge neckpiece for a wedding style or a scarf for an evening coffee look that also works well for an office outfit for extra information.

Style your dress with a shrug

Style a long or short Kurti tunic with an open unbuttoned shirt or a sleeveless shrug that matches the overall color scheme for a more classic look. You can get an enhanced look after pairing it with light accessories. You can go for a contrasting approach, choose a shrug that is of a different color. But try to use the color wheel to see the contrasting color for your long tunic dress.

You can go to weddings by styling your long tunic dress with a designer or patterned shrug. For a classic workplace style, match the long Tunic dress with palazzo or slacks and wear it over the shirt.

Accessorize your look

The correct accessories can really make or break an outfit, especially when it comes to tunic dresses. Many tunics also have a distinctive neckline. Your outfit will be more symmetrical if you pair your tunic with a necklace of the appropriate length. This can be really appealing to the eye and flattering.

Indian-style tunics can be worn as part of an Indian, western, indo-western, or fusion outfit. Bright beaded necklaces, huge silver earrings, antique silver bangles, and tribal jewelry will go nicely with colorful tie-dye tunics. Classy but traditionally Indian jewellery alternatives like gold necklaces, silver bangles, and Polki earrings combine well with finer tunics made of fine silk materials and adorned with gorgeous Indian embroidery.

Pair it with a Jacket

Wearing your denim waistcoat or
jacket with your kurta or tunics paired in palazzo or dhoti might be a modern design. Another option is to match your Indian vests with patialla or dhoti pants and wear them over plain Kurtis.

Embroidered short jacket just adds to the look as it gives an Indian touch and as well as gives a modernized feeling at the same time. Accessorizing the look with a pair of earrings will glorify the lookup to another level.

You can definitely rock the look by following some of the styling tips. Long tunic dresses are trending these days and if styled in the right way can make you look like an emerging fashion queen.

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