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How to make money with affiliations?

Making money with affiliations is possible. And it can also be very profitable, as it allows some to earn more than € 10,000 a month. For most of us, it can be the way to some extra income by working from home a few hours a week.

I write this post starting from my experience because in 2010 I earned with this Insurance site, at the time when deposit accounts were very popular, a lot of money and because I still manage some Amazon affiliate sites with interesting returns.

There is no easy or free money for anyone, but earning with the internet and with affiliations is certainly one of the methods with which internet marketers guarantee success and through which most blogs and sites are monetized today.

But let’s go in order and see which are the main affiliate programs and how to earn with affiliations continuously and profitably.

In this article

  • What is an affiliate program?
  • What are the main affiliate programs?
  • Do I need a website/blog?
  • How to start earning?

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a marketing tool through which a company also known as a Merchant allows those who request it and respect certain characteristics to become affiliated by becoming an Affiliate and promoting the company’s products on its sites, social networks, and online in general.

This promotion activity is tracked and if it generates actions such as clicks, registrations, and sales the affiliate generates revenues.

What are the main affiliate programs?

The affiliation programs are numerous and in every sector, there is an abundance of proposals and initiatives.

Companies love affiliate marketing which is a very effective marketing tool and allows you to make yourself known at no cost, generating traffic on your site and paying the affiliate only

when the result is achieved.

Choosing the right affiliate program

The best known and most used is the Amazon Program that allows you to publish links to products sold by Amazon, earning a percentage of sales.

Other companies usually have less strength and management capacity to structure and manage an affiliation on their own, but they resort to specialized platforms.

Among the best known internationally, that also operates in Italy are,,

These platforms divide the affiliate programs by categories and the potential affiliate if he wants, by signing up to the platform, can apply to individual merchants and start promoting the products of the selected companies. The platforms offer statistics and assistance in dialogue with merchants, who constantly offer promotions and new products.

Then there is Clickbank which allows you to sell courses, guides, product info, and subscriptions to premium sites earning interesting commissions, much higher than the commissions offered on the products of other platforms.

Do I need a website/blog?

In reality, it is not necessary to start from a blog.

On the contrary, you can get interesting results in alternative ways, for example by posting comments on articles, posting on specialized forums, and by publishing videos.

I know a marketer who has earned interesting figures by contacting those who publish videos on Youtube with many views and are potentially monetizable. He suggests that he include a link in the video description for a certain amount. This link points to products or guides and seems to convert very well. To explore!

Others, on the other hand, use Facebook Ads and Google Ads advertisements to create traffic to their pages or directly to the pages of the chosen product and generate sales. In this case, the secret is to be able to spend less than what you earn and that’s it.

If you have a site or a blog its monetization, better if not forced, can easily happen through affiliations because you will surely have some posts in which you directly or indirectly give your opinion on a product or service. In this case, you can easily link it to a program that pays you for the generated sales.

You can also create a  site aimed at affiliation by focusing on those services that you think are more easily monetizable and that offer higher commissions.

However, you must never fall into the mistake of recommending anything and only trying to sell otherwise you will lose all credibility and stop offering value to your potential customers.

How to start earning?

If you don’t already have a blog or a readily monetizable business to focus on, I recommend that you think a lot and identify a niche of interesting products and the corresponding affiliations.

Once you’ve passed this step, you can then start working on the content. I recommend quality because many companies want to see who promotes their products and some set high standards in the selection of affiliates.

I think one of the most important things is then the analysis of the results obtained, the understanding of which pages convert best, and the selection of the programs that give more results. 

We often indulge in initiatives that do not work while we do not go to the bottom with initiatives that instead give results. Going to the bottom means scaling what is good and increasing advertising budgets on winning promotions.

There is no easy money out there, but it is possible to make money with affiliations if you work consistently and keep improving the process.


So what are you waiting for to start too or tell us about your experience with affiliations?

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