How to Find a GhostWriter?

Where to find Good Ghost Writers for my Book?


Book writing can be a lifelong dream for you, and you don’t want it to go wrong. Therefore, many ghostwriting companies are in the market to cater the customers who want to publish their book but don’t have the right skillsets. The book writing industry is emerging these days and is expected to expand more in the coming years. However, as an author, you cannot trust anyone with your book. Most of the authors are emotionally attached to their stories, and they don’t want to hire random ghostwriters for their stories. Hunting the ghostwriter is a tricky thing. There are a lot of aspects you need to verify before finalizing your writer. We have a detailed ghostwriter hunting process in this blog, and if you follow these steps, you can find a suitable ghostwriter for your upcoming book.

What can you expect from a ghostwriter?

Book writing companies have some experienced ghostwriters in their team because they hunt the right talent for their clients. Usually, for non-fiction stories, mostly ghostwriters depend on authors for the research, storyline, case studies, and other materials. Ghostwriters are also expected to do interviews with the author and other experts to gather the full content for the book. At times, ghostwriters also get involved in the research to get a deep sense of the topic. Generally, ghostwriters are hired because of their writing skills. Other professionals can be taken on board for the research purpose, or the authors can do it themselves.

Whereas, for fiction stories, usually authors give the main idea, main character and objective of the book and let the ghostwriter use his creativity for the content. Some authors segregate the book into chapters and expect ghostwriters to follow chapter-wise instructions.

Suppose you work with an expert and professional ghostwriter who has keen knowledge about fiction and non-fiction stories. In that case, the ghostwriters help you organize the character, storyline, content and other aspects of the book to give a clear sense to the readers about the book. The most important factor while hiring a ghostwriter is to have a trustworthy relationship with him because of the confidentiality of the content and because you rely on his insights on your book’s idea.

How to hire a ghostwriter:

Hiring a ghostwriter can be tricky, but if you invest all your time and effort at this stage, it will be worth it as a result. Follow this step by step guide to hire a suitable ghostwriter for your upcoming book.

  • Define your project goals:

Before you invest any of your well-deserved ghostwriters into book writing, you first should be clear with yourself on what you need to accomplish. This will help you in the last stages of your book writing. While you’re briefing your targets and objectives to your ghostwriters. Ask yourself:

What your book will contribute to the lives of your readers?

Do you expect your book to convey something essential or life-changing message? & you like to create some fun elements? or you want to show them the different perspectives of life or give them a reality check? & you wish to contribute to a positive change in society or want your readers to make complex yet worthy life choices?

What does your book have to offer you?

How your book contributes to your personal goals is one of the critical elements to identify. For example, you may want to extend your reader and fan base or brand yourself and your business in the market. Do you wish to make your book a doorway for your passion for public speaking? Are you aiming to create a list of Sunday times? Whatever may be the case, you need to figure out initially how this book can benefit you in the long run?

  • Know where to hunt for ghostwriters:

Secondly, you want to track down the ghostwriters themselves – which is far from simple or easy! Ghostwriters are one of the critical experts to find. We will generally keep low profiles and are restricted as far as sharing work we’ve done. Thus, ebook writing companies are superb spots to start your inquiry.

Do the research and shortlist the top 5 ghostwriting companies. Do they check their previously done work and review section? If you find the relevant experience, shortlist the three best ghostwriters that suit you the most. Then, do further research their profiles and interview them to understand their mindsets. Mental compatibility with ghostwriters is essential.

  • Assess the ghostwriter’s skill level

The best writers in the market have high level writing and storytelling skills to produce top quality content. Also, they are great problem solvers and can manage a large set of information. While hiring a ghostwriter for your book, you need to analyze your writer’s skillsets. Is he able to have the skillset you require for your book?

  • Look at the ghostwriter’s previous works

When we look into the ghostwriter’s previous work, we don’t mean to stalk them on Facebook. However, you can get some helpful information there. Before hiring a ghostwriter, you should see what they have written previously and how long they worked as ghostwriters.

  • If your ghostwriter can catch your voice and style:

An experienced ghostwriter can easily catch a variety of voices and styles since they have already worked with different kinds of authors previously. Moreover, they know the technique of dealing with the authors. Moreover, an experienced writer can also help find a specific voice and style for your book if you cannot identify one.

Where to Find the Ghostwriters:

  • Go with references: Check out your area or book writing company and look for someone with reputable goodwill. If you have companions that have gotten books written by ghostwriters, this is your smartest choice. You can sit down briefly to talk with them about it and get some information about their ghostwriters. This is the best way to find a ghostwriter. In addition, you will be sure of your friend’s recommendations since they will never lie to you and will give you constructive suggestions.
  • Searching on the Internet: If you have decided to look for ghostwriters online, begin joining different online pages and reach out to freelancers and agencies. The digital platforms can be somewhat unsafe; however, if you find a natural resource by online means, then it is not a problem to hire a ghostwriter online. The only con of hunting a ghostwriter via online means is that you don’t know them, and none of your friends has worked with them before. So it involves a bit of a risk in working with such a writer. Aside from that, all the other things work the same way as they would if you had reached out to an agency. In fact, at times, it works even better.


Hiring a ghostwriter can be expensive if you choose to work with the top-notch ones. However, most of the authors choose to work with mid-range professional ghostwriters because all of them can not afford it. Moreover, book writing is a lengthy process, and it takes a lot of time to finish a book with high quality content. So at the end of the day, all your money is worth investing when you see it in the form of a book.

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