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How to get WPC Certificate in India?

WPC certificate is a requirement for those seeking to import and put wireless products on sale in India.

Wireless Planning and Coordination wing, under the direction of Department of Telecommunication, tests these products and if they match the regulatory standards, issues said certificate to the importers.

What is the process to obtain WPC Certificate in India? This blog dives into a simplified answer to this question.

What is getting certified?

Before we talk about the certification, let us explain to you what is getting certified here.  It’s not the product that gets the certification, it’s the frequency it’s working at. Wireless products such as wireless mouse and such work within certain de-licensed frequency bands.

If your product is already working within that frequency, a fact that you’d learn through independent testing, you’d not need to apply for the ETA license.

But if your product is working at a frequency that’s yet to receive the approval of Wireless and Planning commission, you’re required to apply for ETA certificate via self declaration.

And these are the steps you’re required to follow.

Steps to obtain ETA license in India?

The steps to obtain ETA license from the Wireless Planning Commission are as follows:

Get the wireless product test at an independent lab: First, you need to discern whether you need to apply for ETA certificate.

You can do so by reaching out to an NABL accredite and get Radio frequency test done on your wireless product. If the test reports say that your product is working within an approved de-licensed frequency, you can skip the rest of the steps. Infrastructure Provider In India

Otherwise, you’d need to follow the rest of the process.

Put together the required documents: Following are the documents for the ETA certification in India:

  • Authorization letter authorizing an AIR
  • Test report of the wireless product
  • Manufacturing license of the wireless product
  • Technical specification of the product
  • Sample of the wireless product.

Go to the official WPC website: Once you’re there, login and start filing the application form.

Submit the documents through offline mode: Once you’ve filed the application, take its printout, attach the hard copies of the documents to it and submit it to the WPC branch in your region.

In house testing initiates: The Wireless Planning and Coordination wing will conduct an in house testing.

If the results match with the test reports you’ve submit, you’ll be get an ETA certificate.


ETA certificate is require for those wireless products that work within the de-license frequency bands.

If your product already works at an WPC approve frequency, you’re not require to obtain the license. But if it doesn’t, you can contact registrationwala for assistance in this matter.

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