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Hire dedicated Remote Virtual Employee from India

You can save money on business costs if you hire Virtual Employee India. Start recruiting remote staff in any field, such as IT, Design, Brand Management, Legal, etc., from India

Remote Source of information, Real Experience

You can hire a dedicated virtual employee from VE with just a click of the mouse. Virtual Employee makes working with your resource as easy as if they were in the next cubicle by bridging the gap between where they are and what time it is there.

Why hiring virtual staff is a great business decision

If you were excited about saving 20% on costs by hiring local remote workers, think about how much you could save by hiring virtual workers. For one, you save up to 70% on costs (or even more, depending on which domain you hire in), and for another, you now have a solid Plan B in place to make sure your business stays open and runs smoothly even if there are lockdowns or natural disasters.

Talent on-demand

You can hire a skilled, dedicated worker from a distance in less than 8 hours.

Zero overheads

Say goodbye to expenses that eat up your profits, such as office rent, taxes, hardware, etc.

Get Going

Share Your Requirement Global CEOs Talk About How VE Turned Things Around for Them Hire an Employee with us and join 3072 clients who have grown their businesses with us Share Your Requirement

Virtual Employee Outsourcing Services can help you save 72%.

Hire Staff in ANY Domain or Profession VE is Your Office in India – your entire remote team works together for easy collaboration Bespoke Recruitment – get your perfect employee They are real employees; they just happen to be on the other side of the world and through a video screen instead of across the desk.

Larry Spencer, Vice President, Series, USA

Your Office in India is VE

With, you won’t be able to tell the difference between a local employee and one who works from home.

Your Virtual Employee India

Virtual Employee India  does more than just find you talented people who can work for you from home. In reality, we make it possible for you to set up a branch office in India without spending any money or time. Large companies have been doing this for decades, and now you can, too. All you have to do is click your mouse. We take care of all the hardware, infrastructure, IT, accounting, human resources, legal issues, etc., so you get the benefits of having an offshore office without having to set it up or manage it.

This is good in three main ways: Virtual Employee India

It makes you, your company, and your offshore team feel like your offshore team is a real part of your company.

Helps people get along better; and

By having your remote team work from an office where they are watched, you can make them more professional.

When our clients hire whole teams from us, they get their own private rooms with their company logos on them. Compare the “results” you and your offshore team will get with VE to what you would get if you had to work with freelancers from all over the world, each of whom worked in a different time zone. This would make remote collaboration and communication a nightmare. VE provides a customized outsourcing experience as a whole.

David Wynn, Managing Attorney, Wynn Law Firm

Easy online working together and talking

It’s not unusual to work with a team of online resources now, but that can mean working with professionals in different places and maybe even different time zones. Why? Because you can’t hire people who work in different fields at the same company. Managing a team that is spread out all over the world can be very hard. So, is the answer if you want a team that isn’t spread out all over the world. You can hire as many experts from as many different fields as you want and have them all work in the same room, office, and even the same time zone.

This makes:

Working together is easier (Virtual Employee India)

Team meetings easier

Making it easier to get used to your culture

It’s easier to set up a team’s structure because you can choose a Team Lead who will be your “voice” in the team.

Everything is very easy. Since there is only one vendor, there is only one bill. It’s easier to find all of your online resources in one place, so team-building activities are more useful.

CEO of VXP Pharma, USA, Ray Peck


We have more than 1500 highly skilled and talented people in a wide range of fields, but we also spend hours looking for the perfect employee for you, based on your job description and instructions. If you don’t have the skills you need in-house, we can also find you employees from anywhere in India.

With bespoke recruitment,’s clients can access India’s huge talent pool of more than 400 million English-educated professionals and literally pick their perfect employee. Our expert Recruitment team does everything, from looking over resumes to setting up phone or video interviews.

You also have a lot of chances to test the candidates before deciding who to hire, and we do all of this for free.

For every developer we hired, we saved $20,000 to $30,000 on recruitment fees.

Larry Spencer, Vice President, Series, USA: We saved $40,000, per.NET developer. Malcolm Paice, Chief Operating Officer, Keystone Group, UK:

Now that we’ve managed to catch your attention,

It’s time to say what you know.

We provide dedicated virtual employees to small/ mid-size companies across 33 countries. For almost 15 years, we’ve given working professionals the chance to work directly with clients to get better exposure. We are currently working in more than 150 domains with more than 2,000 employees in 3 places of business.

Can’t Wait to Sign Up! Can’t Wait to Sign Up!

– Content Writer, after getting his HubSpot Certification.

I thought I would get the Nobel Peace Prize for settling disagreements in meetings, but this works just as well.

– Project Manager, congratulations on being named Employee of the Quarter.

At last, they’re in the big leagues.

I used to drink coffee, but now I drink bourbon.

– UI/UX Designer, after being given the title “Virtual Employee India”

Closely work with our customers.

OUR CUSTOMERS ARE OUR Virtual Employee India

For us, “our clients are our advocates”. We believe in serving with all of our hearts and being honest, and our work speaks for itself after that.

The unique dual screening process for hiring on lets you choose the best virtual employee from a huge talent pool. Yes, you decide who you want to hire, not When you work with us, you can think of opening your own offshore office in India with NO SETUP COST. You can hire Virtual Employees who work in your time zone and take orders directly from you. Also, we are here to help, manage, and keep an eye on your employee as you tell us to.


Employee as a Service (EaaS) company is based in India’s National Capital Region (NCR). The most up-to-date cloud computing model, EaaS Services, makes it easier to set up your office. And it has the right number of employees without the cost and hassle of hiring and managing an office, furniture, data security, IT support, HR, accounts, payroll, hardware, software, hosting, etc. Our workspace is set up to help people stay on task, work together, be creative, and get things done.

What We Offer from Virtual Employee India

Indus offers great remote staffing services in many different IT and non-IT fields.

We offer complete IT solutions for all development, testing, and support platforms. Read More » Mobile App Development Custom mobile app development for Android, IOS, and Windows by highly trained professionals.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing omnichannel solutions cover everything from SEO to social media marketing.

Writing up content from Virtual Employee India

Our very articulate writers focus on writing creative, SEO-friendly content. Read More about» Graphics and Web Designing

We are a place where new ideas for the web and graphics come together. Our employees are creative experts in all the latest development technologies.

Data Entry

Specialized Data Entry services, such as eCommerce Data Entry, Data Conversion, Data Mining, ePUB Conversion, Indexing, etc., at 80% less cost.


We are experts at 3D animation, VFX, Architectural Visualization, Motion & Infographics, etc. We bring everything to life, from characters to stories.

Help with technology

Engineers who are trained by Cisco, Google, and Microsoft and have a lot of experience will help your business run smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. more

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