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Easiest Countries to Immigrate to?

Immigration is a process of moving from one place to another. Moving to a new country and starting over is always appealing. Learning about a new community, their beliefs and culture seems exciting always. Immigration requires a lot of planning and resources. If you do not have a good skill then you should be strong financially, otherwise being successful won’t be easy. Different countries have different immigration policies. You need to decide which country suits you best. To help you with that, we have summarized a few countries where you can immigrate to.

1) New Zealand

One of the famous countries for immigration is New Zealand mainly because of their skilled immigration. Not everyone can qualify for this program. They have a criteria which has to be fulfilled by everyone. For example, you have to be under fifty five in order to apply. Secondly, you have to be highly skilled in your field, and have experience. In case, you fulfill these criteria, then you will be eligible to apply for residency in New Zealand after two years.

2) Australia 

Australia has a well-organized immigration program. There are many options which you can choose to immigrate to Australia. The famous one includes:

  • Global Talent Visa
  • Employer Nomination Scheme
  • Skilled Nominated Visa.
  • Temporary Graduate Visa
  • Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

Similarly, like New Zealand, you need to be under the age of 50. Also, the required skills and experience in the particular field you work in. If you are applying for the points-based visa, then you need to make sure that you get a good score to get approval.

3) Spain

If you are looking for a place in Europe to immigrate to, you will find Spain one of the best options. There are many reasons for this. If you know how to speak English and can teach it, then you will get quickly settled in Spain. There are a lot of non-American people living in Spain who are looking for people to teach them English. Furthermore, if not English then you can look for jobs in other sector. This will help you get a work visa. Spain has very pleasant weather, low cost of living and education.

4) Germany

Let’s now talk about the skilled program in Germany which has made it popular among immigrants to move to. In addition to the skilled program, there are many different visa opportunities as well. Their migration act makes it more convenient for immigrants to get a visa. You can work in Germany for 6 months and then apply for a work visa and stay for 4 years. Later on, if you wish you can apply for citizenship after fulfilling all the requirements.

5) Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a country with the most job vacancies among the other countries of World. If someone wishes to immigrate there, they will easily find a job. They can then stay there on a work visa and later apply for permanent residency.

6) Canada

If talking about immigration, it would have been a crime to keep out Canada from this topic. They are very sweet and welcoming to people, and always offer their homeland. Canada is a big country with a small population, which is why they have attractive opportunities for immigrants.

Their express entry program is famous around the world. This is a points test. The test is based on the field you are experienced in. The test difficulty might be high, so you should be competent.

There is another program for the young generation which we may call the youth program. In this the age group between 18 till 30 can get a work visa for 2 years that maybe can get extended if certain requirements to live in Canada are fulfilled.


Earth is bigger than what we think. There are many places where people can move to and establish that as their home land. But there are a few hurdles they will have to face. We will not call them hurdles, but a little effort to fulfill the requirements of the place they are moving to. The place you decide, should always keep you happy, and at peace. In this article we talked about a few of the best places, and now the rest is upon you to choose where you want to live.

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