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Difference between 3G, 4G LTE and 5G VOLTE: What it all means

Nowadays, I have an unlimited 4g internet service for the home. Many people ask why you chose this Plan. So I am here to give You the answer. My 3G, 4G, LTE, and 5G VoLTE are all standard terms associated with smartphones, but what exactly does it mean? 

Let’s first define what “G” stands for. It’s simply the “Generation” the technology is on. 1G was a technology that used analog in the ’80s; 2G utilized digital technology in the 1990s. 

All subsequent technology relies on signals that travel from tower to tower using radio signals.LTE is a contraction of LTE, which stands for Long Term Evolution. And It is connected to the 5G and 4G wireless communication standards. These are designed to offer faster speeds than 3G networks that are available for mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and wireless hotspots.


As if these names weren’t complicated enough, the most recent, VoLTE, is the abbreviation that stands for Voice over Long Term Evolution. VoLTE is a service that can only be accessible via 5G and 4G LTE phones that support VoLTE. With VoLTE, it is possible to send voice through “packet switching,”; and call quality, volume, and data speeds are increased significantly.

Which products and services influence

The technology has been described as and demands upgrades to the smart mobile device’s processor and the phone carrier’s networks.

The 3G/5G versions of LTE typically are included in a wireless internet plan or cloud-based management service. Carriers usually offer this service along with smartphones and other mobile communication devices as bundles (as is the situation for Verizon and AT&T). The sellers will also sell the hardware on its own, in partnership with data providers (with companies such as SonicWall and Cradlepoint).

The transition into 5G LTE tech does not only impact the speed and quality of data and voice. However, it also allows the transfer of massive amounts of data over the network to control functions remotely, like self-driving vehicles and massive industrial machines. In addition, rather than being specifically designed for smartphones, it extends service to Internet-of-things (IoT) devices, for instance, Smarthome appliances.

What are the effects of these on internet speed?

The tech writers have claimed that 4G devices and their service speed promises aren’t reliable compared with standard 3G and straight 4G models. However, when you are on 4G LTE, you will notice a significant rise in speeds. 

This has the greatest effect on the speed of uploading photos and video. It is generally believed that 4G can be up to 10-fold faster than 3G, and 5G could be anywhere between 10 to 100 times quicker than 4G. Other factors that affect speed are:

  • Are there other members part of this network? time;
  • If it is stationary in motion;
  • How close is your device to a tower on the phone;
  • How clear is the connection between the tower of your phone and your device?
  • What number of towers for phones are located in your area? (e.g., this is the reason why people living in rural areas have a difficult time for a long time with reliable wireless connectivity) Also
  • How compatible the processor of your phone is with the network(s) at your address.

What should we expect in the near-term future?

5G phones VoLTE (with their network) will be out in the early part of 2019 2019.

In the meantime, certain 3G and 4G smartphones that do not feature VoLTE will be removed, including phones like the iPhone 5S! At present, Verizon is “no longer allowing devices that are not 4G LTE capable with VoLTE to be activated” on their network. If you have one of these phones, they’ll be able to support you until the end of the year.

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