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Custom Software Development At The Coder Spot

development of bespoke apps

For more than 40 businesses and startups in the USA, EU, and Australia, we successfully design, launch, and support software products at a low cost.

Development of Personalized Software

We are Mood, a Dutch software company with a global clientele. We provide a just and open method for creating and implementing unique software solutions.

Develop mobile applications

We create aesthetically pleasing, user-focused apps because Custom Software of our experience in developing Progressive Web Apps, iOS, and Android. Global companies like McDonald’s, Swisscom, and the Red Cross are represented in our portfolio of released applications. Development of Personalized SoftwareWe is Moqod, a Dutch software company with a global clientele. We provide a just and open method for creating and implementing unique software solutions.

website creation

One of our primary services is the building of progressive web apps. Depending on your project’s specific requirements, Moqod hires a team of skilled Full Stack or focused Web Developers, custom software Dublin Graphic Designers, Data Scientists, and AI Specialists to support you.

What are the activities of a software development company?

We have incorporated every level of development—from Custom Software to sophisticated industrial technologies—into a unified production process. All digital solutions are beneficial to our workforce.

Create all of your business apps easily. Integrate them even more quickly.

The industry-leading low-code, SAP-focused, enterprise app development platform from Neptune Software easily and at scale digitises and optimises user interfaces and business processes. The platform provides IT specialists with the appropriate tools to create the apps they require.

Industrialize the creation of business applications.

We developed the Neptune DX Platform [abbreviated: Neptune DXP] to give corporate IT teams the freedom and speed to deploy enterprise and mobile apps, enabling them to fulfil your business needs.

back-end programmers

We assemble top-tier back-end specialists with an in-depth understanding of the server-side development procedure. 

development services for mobile and the web

To fulfil market demands, enhance internal operations, and keep up with the most recent digital developments, we design solutions that are specifically targeted at your company’s pain spots.


a mobile application

Make any kind of iOS or Android app. With meticulous attention to detail and a full grasp of the operating system, our programmers design programmes.


At TEKenable, we offer the full complement of Salesforce and Microsoft technologies as well as the top-tier Low Code platforms. We are a Salesforce-approved partner as well as a Microsoft Business Applications Partner of the Year 2021 and Gold Certified for Azure Cloud and Application Development. extensive experience integrating legacy systems, and we provide managed services for Azure cloud licencing.


interacting with clients throughout the project analysis process to comprehend and record functional requirements;

working with other team members (such as Solution Architects, etc.) to assess functional and technical requirements and analyse system functions;

Conduct a gap analysis. Determine and record the requirements, both current and future;

Analyze data in action. Determine trends and present your findings.

and you will have the following as a team member:

Exceptional interpersonal skills and the capacity to assist and interact with users at all levels

excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities

the capacity for independent effort and self-motivation

Ability to work well in a team Strong interest in and aptitude for learning new platforms and technologies


a track record of handling large-scale or numerous software/platform initiatives in the business world

establishing, controlling, and keeping an eye on project projections and budgets

good familiarity with Agile, the software development life cycle, and project management tools

a skilled presenter of technical knowledge to various audiences and a natural communicator with the capacity to engage and persuade top stakeholders.

the capacity to create and produce a high-level road map, as well as to coordinate and manage project deliverables and activities for successful implementation.

Engage in team collaboration and leadership while developing a plan to apply creative solutions to difficulties.

Creating plans and visions, and coordinating project deliverables

Other desired abilities
Certification as a Scrum Master or an equivalent
Certification in PMP or PRINCE 2 or an equivalent
exceptional MS Office proficiency
a project tool such as Microsoft Project (Gantt chart, etc)
Microsoft Visio or a similar programme
Cloud and Azure concepts Knowledge
Azure DevOps / JIRA
working familiarity with software engineering

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