Build Your Own Diamond Jewelry Set With Loose Cut Diamonds

Don’t let the idea of buying a diamond set in a retail store overwhelm you! You can get that same look and style by buying natural stone pendant beads at wholesale prices. Not only does this option save you money but it also allows you to design jewelry that truly matches your tastes. 

Building Your Diamond Jewelry Follow These Steps

1) First, decide what metal type suits your needs best. You can choose from sterling silver, rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold. These are the most popular types of metal for setting loose diamonds because of their durability and high-quality finish. When buying loose diamonds in a jewelry set you want to make sure the metal you pick will hold up over time as you wear it daily.

2) Next, figure out what length and width of bead your pieces will be! This project can be done with any size bead but it is always best to start small with your first piece. Depending on your type of necklace, you may need to adjust the size of your beads to make sure your design will look good over time.

3) To make sure that you are buying the correct size loose diamonds, put them in the hands of a professional jeweler or have them double-checked with an online diamond grading service. Once you have found what size and shape of loose diamonds you want to use, set up a stone cutting station by placing several pads around an area large enough to accommodate your jewelry pieces.

4) Set your loose natural stone pendant beads on the pads with tweezers, place your metal bezel around the stones, then set your beads on top of the metal. With a hammer and chisel, lightly tap around the edges to help secure the loose diamonds into place.

5) When you are finished hammering and trimming, clean up any extra dirt or debris from around your pieces. The final step is to polish your creation and you are done!

Building your natural stone pendant beads jewelry set with loose-cut diamonds is a fun and exciting project that you can easily do on your own. Once you start designing your pieces, you will never want to go back to the way things were and why would you? You can have just as much fun picking out loose diamonds for yourself as if you went out and bought a piece of jewelry set in a store.

Are Loose Cut Diamonds of Good-Quality?

You might be aware that loose cut diamonds are actually diamond stones and here we are going to tell you why it is so. These stones are often considered to be of very low-grade quality simply because they are not all polished. The kind of blue color that you notice on many diamonds is due to impurities in the stone and the rough diamond is a good sign of its inherent value.

Loose natural stone pendant beads can be found in many different shapes and sizes. For instance, round-cut diamonds are generally preferred because they make a more attractive pair with other forms of jewelry.

Other cut shapes include pear, emerald brilliant, marquis, heart, and trillion. Of these, the emerald brilliant cut is known for its beautiful greenish-yellowish tint that is commonly found in green diamonds. The pear shape, on the other hand, looks like an elongated teardrop.

The Benefit of Purchasing Loose Cut Diamonds

1. Lower price:

As mentioned earlier, loose-cut diamonds are normally found with fewer facets which will lead to a lower cost than a similar stone that has been precision-cut. Most diamond rings and settings are made using stones that have been cut into very small and equal shapes. This makes it very easy for the consumer to find natural stone pendant beads that match their style.

2. High quality:

When you buy loose-cut diamonds, you can be sure that the stones are of good quality. This is how some of the most famous diamond rings over the years have been made. A famous antique piece of jewelry called the ring collection has perfectly shaped and polished diamonds.

3. Great variety:

As mentioned earlier, natural stone pendant beads are found in different shapes, sizes, and colors. This means that you can buy the right diamond according to your needs. For instance, if you are looking for a diamond that will look good in a ring, it would be better to buy one with lots of facets so that it can be polished. On the other hand, if you want something very small to wear on a chain or pendant then it would be best to buy something.

4. Easy to set:

When you buy these diamonds, there is an easy way to make them into beautiful pieces of jewelry. You just need to find the right kind of setting that will match the measurements of your stone. Setting loose-cut diamonds is usually a lot easier than altering other types of stones such as round brilliant cuts.

5. Choice of shape:

Available types of loose cut diamonds include round, emerald brilliant, irregular shapes, marquis, and pear shapes. There are different shades of the same cut diamond such as light tone blue or a darker shade of the same color.  

6. Customized jewelry:

The best thing about buying natural stone pendant beads is that you can easily get your piece customized to suit your own needs and style. This is extremely easy if you are getting a ring with specific size requirements. But it can be used for any other type of jewelry as well. For instance, if you want a diamond pendant that is in the shape of a heart. You just need to find a loose-cut emerald-cut diamond and have it set into the right shape.

7. Customized colors:

Another great thing about loose-cut diamonds is that you can choose the right color according to your needs. If you want a blue-white diamond, then you just need to make another piece of jewelry. There are many colors available in loose cut diamonds including white and blue. But you also have other choices as well such as green, orange, pink and black.

8. Different sizes:

Natural stone pendant beads loose-cut diamonds come in various shapes and sizes. Some have been graded as they can be found in large or small sizes with varying grades as mentioned earlier. Additionally, there is a wide variety of prices for loose-cut diamonds as well. 


Natural stone pendant beads provide huge benefits when it comes to making your jewelry. You get to choose the right cut, shape, and size so that you can make a piece that is all your own. You will also be able to save money since loose gems cost less than precision-cut stones. Additionally, it is always possible to use these loose-cut diamonds to get a piece of jewelry custom-made just for you. 

Purchasing loose-cut diamond rings is a great way to get an antique look or to create your piece of jewelry. These are different from standard rings in that the diamonds are not traditional round cuts and they have fewer facets than the standard cut stones.

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