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An essential guide for 1800 Baths in the UK

Anyone who has ever taken a hot, relaxing bath knows how relaxing and rejuvenating it is. Sometimes we just don’t have the time to run a bath and soak our worries (and dirt!) away. There is, however, a simple solution to the problem at hand. The luxury of a bath can maintain by installing a shower and bath screen over the tub, allowing you to enjoy both. Let’s dig into the 1800 Baths range. 

Then ask yourself: Is your bath suited for its purpose?

You should check the suitability of your existing bath before investing in new shower and bath screens. Bath screens can easily knock out of position by modern showers that deliver a powerful stream of water. An obvious function of bath screens is to redirect water from showers into the bath.
Handles on your bath may raise or decline as per the style. Both will compromise the screen’s seal. It’s possible that your bath’s flat edge or rim has been replaced by one that’s beveled, round, or rounded. A horizontal, flat-rim bath is the best place for bath screens to place to maximize their effectiveness. Tile for waterproofing must install on the wall where you will be installing your shower as well as the surrounding walls. Bath screens are also relatively lightweight but must be sturdy and supportive.

What type of screen do you have in mind?

Modern bath screens are not only stylish but are also extremely durable. Made from toughened safety glass, they add a bright and airy feel to any bathroom, creating a sense of spaciousness that a shower curtain cannot. Choose from clear, frosted, or pattern-coated glass, as well as from square or round-cornered, single, or multi-sectioned designs. The four-fold is currently one of the most popular types.

As a gate, single bath screens fold inward toward the bath. Four-fold screens, on the other hand, fold back against the wall when they are not in use. They are not only attractive, but also compact, tidy, and space-saving, making them extremely practical. Your bathing experience will be more enjoyable when you use them. As opposed to curtains, bath screens are easy to put up, easy to clean, and much more hygienic. Check that the screen you choose has made of toughened safety glass for your own peace of mind.

Both worlds are represented in this design

You want to take a shower, but you also want to take a bath. Two separate units will be difficult to fit in smaller bathrooms. There is only one solution: a shower bath. As their name suggests, shower baths combine a shower and a bathtub into one unit. The shower end of the bath is slightly “bowled”, hence the P-shape. As a result, there is more room for movement. Your choice of shower and a screen can vary. Using a shower bath, you can enjoy the benefits of both a full-size bath and a large shower enclosure. Shower baths take up only a small amount of space compared to a regular bath, so they will easily fit in a bathroom of average size.

1800 Baths1800 Baths at the Royal Bathrooms 

1800 single ended Baths fall into a few broad categories based on their general shape. The style of the base and the type of tap fittings are also important considerations. A diversified range of designs of these and the main bathtub shapes in the market. Likewise, baths of the traditional style are also in many stores in different shapes. 1800 baths are the supplements of both ranges. 

Furthermore, tap platforms are now more common on roll-top baths that can fit with taps. A tap platform has a flattened edge of a bath into which tap holes can drill and taps mounted. For baths where taps cannot mount, you will use wall-mounted or floor-mounted faucets. There are also some contemporary and, in general, traditional baths that do not have a roll top. And on which taps could theoretically mount anywhere on the bath’s edge. Google now!

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