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Best Beach treks in India


How would you decide between a challenging walk and a relaxing vacation at the beach if you had to pick just one? When one considers India’s extensive coastline and hilly interior, it is not an easy process to pick just one possibility out of the many that are available. You should spend some time basking in the sun, enjoying the waves, and taking in the beauty of the ocean during the winter months. During the summer, walking through the woods and over the mountains is a wonderful activity. However, during the winter months, you should spend some time doing these things instead.

It is for this reason that, rather than going on a hike in the mountains, you should think about going to one of these unusual coastal locations, where the waves will simultaneously crash upon the sand and the rocks. Explore some of the most beautiful sections of shoreline that the United States of America has to offer.

Best beaches in India

A great number of people in India are only now becoming familiar with the idea of beach trekking; nevertheless, because India has such a long coastline with many beach segments that are suitable for walking, beach trekking is gradually becoming increasingly popular in the country. 

Even while some beach treks do travel through forests, the experience of going on a beach trek and going on a forest walk is extremely different from one another, even though some beach treks do go through forests. On this page, you will find a list of the top five beaches in India that are ideal for beach hiking. These beaches are located in the Indian Ocean. These beaches can be found in various parts of the country.

Bekal, in the state of Kerala

Bekal, which can be found in Kasargod, is one of the least visited beaches in India. The beach is located about 400 kilometers from the city of Bengaluru, and it serves as a frequent filming location for Bollywood and other regional film industries.

On a day’s hike, you can see a variety of landscapes, including a beach, backwaters, and a fishing community. The 7-kilometer hike begins at the Bekal Fort and takes hikers via a fishing village, some rolling hills, and groves of coconut palms to a prime viewing spot for the sun setting over the ocean.

In the Andaman Islands, at a place called Elephant Beach

Water sports including speed boating, snorkeling, and sea walking are extremely common at Elephant Beach. While most visitors take a ferry to the shore, exploring the area on foot can be just as rewarding.

Beaches, forests, hillocks, and villages make up the varied landscape of the Havelock Islands, making it a fantastic destination for those interested in nature. It would take you about 30–45 minutes to make the journey to Elephant Beach. Before reaching the beach, travelers must make their way across a short length of marshes and mangrove woods.

Gokarna (Karnataka, India)

Gokarna beach trek is an idyllic village located where the Sahyadris Mountains meet the Arabian Sea. Approximately 150 kilometers from Goa, this location is a favorite weekend destination for travelers. There is no more sought-after hike than the one that follows the Arabian Sea’s shoreline. It would take you two days to hike the 9 or 10 kilometers and soak in all of the stunning scenery in the area.

The first day would be spent exploring the area’s most well-known beaches, such as Kudle, Om, Half Moon, and Paradise, which are known for their varying geological features. The next day you’ll visit Nirvana and Kumta beaches before returning to Gokarna.

Specifically, #4 Neuti Beach in Goa

This breathtaking hike entails a scenic stroll along a mountain ridge with sweeping views of the Arabian Sea. A handful of secluded beaches await you as you make your way along the cliffside on your hike. The journey, which takes a whole day, starts in Porvorim and ends in the coastal town of Kochra-Shriram Wadi. From this point on, you can start your trek to the gorgeous Neuti Beach, which is the endpoint of your journey.

Getting From Odisha’s Chandipur To New Digha

The journey from Chandipur to New Digha is the longest of the bunch and the only one that crosses both Odisha and West Bengal. In contrast to hikes that focus just on visual beauty, this one offers a wealth of cultural diversity that will delight your senses.

Over five days, you’ll travel from Chandipur, Odisha, to New Digha, West Bengal, encountering a vast variety of landscapes, rivers, and white sands along the way.

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