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8 Simple Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Ways to do better for the environment

Our daily activities affect the environment in many ways. The most obvious one is the carbon footprint. This is the amount of carbon dioxide released by the said activities. It all ends up in the atmosphere. Driving to the store, running appliances all the time, or buying food might seem harmless. However, all of these leave a significant trace in the atmosphere. For that very reason, we should all evaluate our actions and find some ways to do better for the environment. Here are some ideas that will help you reduce your carbon footprint and do some good quickly! 

Change the light bulbs

Firstly, you’ll have to look around your home, if you want to effectively reduce your carbon footprint. For instance, what kind of light bulbs are you using? Incandescent light bulbs could waste a lot of energy just to heat. To improve this situation, you can simply invest in some light-emitting diodes. While it is true that these LEDs will cost more than incandescent light bulbs, you’ll find the investment worth it.

To heat, the LEDs will use a quarter of the energy the incandescent light bulbs use and they could last up to 25 times longer. All of that means that you’ll pay less for your electricity bills. If you also remember to switch the lights off whenever you leave the room, you’ll save even more money and you’ll definitely reduce your carbon footprint. 

Insulate your home 

Speaking of electricity bills, there are plenty of other ways to reduce them as well. The most significant one is home insulation. Again, this may sound like a pricey solution, but if you consider the long term effects, you’ll see that there is no other way for you to save more money. Namely, heating your home could take a lot of energy.

If your home isn’t insulated, you’ll have trouble trying to retain the heat inside the house. On the other hand, having your loft and walls insulated will have a serious impact on your bills! Not only will the heat stay in during the winter, but the place will stay cool during the summer as well. Your family will be much happier and your budget will be much better in the years to come!

Use water smartly 

Water is a pretty important resource. Without it, we can’t survive – that goes without saying. However, most of us don’t really treat it as something essential. Instead, we tend to waste it. This could be detrimental to the environment. As a result, it could be pretty bad for the people as well. It’s still not too late to change things, though.

The first thing you can do is use less water. It takes a lot of energy to process and deliver water to your home. It takes even more to heat it. So, when you’re brushing your teeth or showering, make sure to turn off the tap. When boiling water, try to use only as much as you need. Talk to your friends and family – remind them of this as well!

Drive the car less 

Though it has its benefits, driving the car around more than necessary can be very disadvantageous. If you have to drive, the best option out there is getting an electric car, as it uses no gas and is more convenient in many ways. However, walking and cycling are much better options environment-wise. They are also better for your health and general well-being. 

If you can cycle to work, you should always do it. You should also make sure to include your family in this. Get some affordable kids bikes and start cycling more! Apart from being an enjoyable activity, it’ll also serve as a great bonding opportunity. You could help your kids develop healthy habits and save the planet together!

Don’t wear just anything 

Fast fashion is very bad for the environment. You may feel like you’re getting something trendy for a low price, but you’re actually just taking part in dumping the clothes in landfills. So, don’t just buy anything – think twice before you make the purchase. It’s always better to invest in a quality piece that’ll last.

Some vintage clothing could be the next thing you’ll purchase. It is of high quality and it will be perfect for your wallet and the planet. When it comes to washing the clothes, do it in cold water. This will help you save carbon dioxide effectively!

Don’t buy just anything 

It doesn’t matter what you’re buying. What matters is that you know how to do your shopping properly. You want to get the most for the lowest possible price. However, you might get something inexpensive, but regret it once you see how much packaging was used for it or how bad for the environment the product is. 

When shopping, the best advice you can get is – buy less. If you can, you could always buy recycled stuff. When you head to the shop, make sure to bring your own reusable bag. Try to find some eco-friendly products such as shampoo bars, vegan deodorants, reusable nappies, or bamboo toothbrushes. All of these will reduce waste and create a green household in your home.

Eat properly 

Food is another thing that can affect your carbon footprint. Namely, transporting food can take up a lot of fossil fuels. If it comes from across the world, it’ll have to go by ships, rails, or planes and it will have to stay cool and unspoiled until it gets to you.

On the other hand, you can buy organic and local food. This will help the local businesses, reduce their carbon footprint, and you’ll still have everything you need for your healthy recipes. Another thing you can do is reduce your meat and dairy intake and give a chance to some plant-based dishes instead. Finally, you can grow your own vegetables!

Reduce your waste 

In the end, going green is all about reducing waste. There are a lot of different ways to do so. For instance, you could try composting. This is a perfect way to use the stuff you’d normally throw away. Another way to do so is by repairing broken things around your home.

Before heading to the trash can, make sure that the thing is actually irreparable. Repurposing is another great way to deal with old things. Whatever you find functional in your home (that you no longer use), give to charity! Of course, don’t forget to recycle!


Reducing your carbon footprint may sound like something complicated or difficult to do. In reality, this is a rather simple task. All it takes is a bit of inspection and evaluation of your own habits. Soon, you’ll know what to change and how to be a better resident on this amazing planet!

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