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7 Must-Have Features For Your Next-Gen Healthcare Mobile App

In today’s world, most of us are concerned about our health. Most users around the globe are using different healthcare mobile apps to keep their mental health and lifestyle balanced.

In the current mobile app market, there are approx 65,300 healthcare apps available on Google Play Store. The above-mentioned digit is not constant, and it is increasing day by day. This proves that we can see multiple healthcare apps with different features and functionality in the upcoming days.

After the pandemic, we have seen a massive growth in healthcare app downloads which resulted in immersive growth in healthcare app development among business owners.

But before moving ahead, you can connect with any healthcare mobile app development company and integrate the must-have features for your next-gen healthcare mobile app.

This blog will guide you in developing a healthcare app with all the modern features that you must add to the mobile app.

Let’s discuss it!

Must-Have Features For Your Healthcare Mobile App In 2023

1) Engaging & Responsive User Interface

One of the essential features that you must consider before developing a healthcare app is having an engaging and responsive user interface. When any user will come to your healthcare app, the first and foremost thing they experience is the app’s interface.

As you are developing a healthcare app, it should be designed simple, engaging, and responsive. You can add multiple graphics,

2) Symptoms-Checking Features

Developing a healthcare app with symptoms checking features can make your app stand out from the crowd. As most healthcare apps help users to rectify their symptoms and provide suggestions accordingly.

There are some common health problems that most patients suffer are fever, infection, cold, flu, etc. If diagnosed well with a healthcare app, these common problems can have a winning edge for your business.

3) Wearable Device Integrations

Wearable devices are in huge demand. Integrating wearable devices into your app can make it more engaging and gain more users. These features allow patients to easily track their basic health monitoring like total sleep, steps, heart rate, oxygen level, etc.

4) Multi-Device Support

When you are planning to develop a healthcare app, it should have multi-device support features. It will help your users to run your app on their preferred devices.

So, when you avail of healthcare app development services, make sure that you seek the development firm to make the app cross-platform so that it can run on multiple devices without any bugs.

5) Live Video Consultation

Patients using your app should get the benefit of consulting their preferred physician online through video calls. Therefore, integrate a live video consultation feature that can help the patients to use the app to easily connect with their physician or doctors which boosts their experience.

Some healthcare apps provide a complete list of doctors, making the task easier for patients to consult their preferred physician according to the health problems they are facing.

6) Health Activity Tracking

If you integrate these features, it would be easier for patients to track their health. Patients can easily track their sugar levels, heart rate, and sleep monitoring. They can also watch the foods and supplements suggested by their physician and the foods they need to avoid.

Integrating these features into the app can help patients to track and monitor their minor health issues and how they can cure them.

7) Integration Of AI & ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are some of the modern technologies that are used in most apps to provide accurate results. These technologies are well-versed with healthcare apps.

When you integrate AI and ML into the app, it helps in diagnosing various health issues and provides accurate insights. This saves time, and you are provided with the most accurate result for your health.

All modern apps that are developing nowadays come with AI and ML integration. This helps app owners to get the most accurate results out of their app.


Do you want to develop an engaging healthcare app that can stand out? If yes, integrate the above-mentioned features into the app to make it engaging, responsive, and stand out.

You can also look at the complete healthcare app development guide if you want to know more about healthcare mobile app development.

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The blog is written by Richard Roundy, who has expertise in app development. He is a senior app developer at AppsChopper, who likes to share his knowledge with the audience. Furthermore, he is passionate about his work and stays updated with all the ongoing market trends

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