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5 Powerful and Valuable WiFi Marketing Trends for Small Businesses 

The world is witnessing the phase of digitalization which is why the usage of smart devices and laptops is increasing continually. According to Bankcell, currently, there are over 4.88 billion mobile users in the world which means every other person keeps a phone. So, for brick-and-mortar businesses like retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and shopping malls, WiFi marketing is the most powerful way to build a strong customer base, increase customer spending, improve loyalty, and decrease costs.

People wish to use their smartphones wherever they are either for recreation or learning. They typically use their phones when they go out to dine. Most of them browse the internet to fetch details about the product they are buying. This is why most offline businesses are now offering access to their WiFI network. For using this guest WiFi, customers are required to sign in through their social media account. And when a customer signs in, the wifi provider gets information regarding that customer. And this information is later used for marketing. If you want to learn more about this innovative method of marketing, continue reading.

Here are Some of the Latest Trends and Advancements in WiFi Marketing:

As this marketing method is simple, convenient, and less costly, new trends are evolving in it. These trends are helping businesses increase their sales.

Turn Your Churning Customers:

In the current competitive business environment, it is vital that your customers keep coming back to you. While using WiFi marketing tools, you will get to know which customers are at the risk of churning. These cloud Wifi Marketing solutions are using machine learning and advanced algorithms to identify when individual customers may not be coming back. Once you identify these customers, you can send an automated message to them with an incentive they can get if they come back and become loyal customers again. And due to this trend, businesses are witnessing 38% of their at-risk customers return through their doors.

Meliorate Online Ratings and Reviews:

By offering guest WiFi to their customers, businesses are improving their online ratings and reviews. When a customer visits a venue of business and logs into its WiFi, he is added to their customer database. He only needs to log in once, and their system will track his device indefinitely. When the customer leaves after visiting the location, the system will wait a preconfigured amount of time and then sends the customer a message asking him to give them a rating from one-half to five stars.

In the event of a bad rating, you can send a follow-up apology message to him in addition to offering an incentive to get him to return and give you another chance. But if the rating is good, then they can send a follow-up thank you message which includes links to their online rating pages on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. And with time, this can make a huge impact on their overall ratings on the powerful online rating websites.

Improve Online Advertising:

According to the latest updates about Google advertising, it is retiring from the use of cookies to serve ads to the most targeted audience. Now, in 2021, they want businesses to have their own first-party data. Hence, businesses are now using WIFI marketing tools to passively collect huge amounts of first-party data about their actual customers. With this data, they can create highly targeted, profitable advertising campaigns on the world’s largest search engine.

Customer Segmentation and Personalization:

By using the services of WiFi marketing solutions, you collect more and more customer profile data. You can analyze this data and create specific segments, or groups, of your best types of customers. It will help you send much more targeted messages to your customers, resulting in highly improved marketing ROI. Instead of creating one message for your entire customer database, you can create a targeted message specifically tailored to one demographic.

Marketing Automation with WiFi:

This is another powerful trend emerging in WiFi marketing. It offers businesses the ability to create various automated marketing campaigns. With this modern marketing platform, it becomes easy to share marketing campaigns via email or SMS to customers on the basis of their behavior or demographic data points. An automated messaging facility enables you to send messages to your customers on phone numbers or email addresses through autopilot. These messages can contain custom promotions, messages, and coupon codes designed to attract customers. Moreover, automated messaging can help businesses share customer appreciation and increase customer loyalty.

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