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10 Types of Virtual Events Being Hosted in 2021

Virtual events have been happening for a year now. To make things different, we need to think of lucrative and creative ideas to deliver life-like event experiences. Hence, this is why we have curated ten types of virtual events. That are generating buzz among individuals across the world.

Virtual Conferences

A virtual conference is organized for businesses that want to promote their brand, generate qualified leads, and build new connections. They are getting more prevalent because they help businesses save an ample amount of time and money when compared to in-person events.

These online conferences involve keynotes, educational sessions, panel discussions, training, and a lot more. If you are aiming to connect with people from different locations to have important discussions and learn more about your industry, then a virtual conference should be your first preference.

These conferences can be more collaborative by using features like live polls, surveys, or Q&As. Make sure to choose a virtual event platform that suits your business needs with accurate features.


A webinar is considered one of the most common virtual events that include lesser audience participation with one or two speakers from an organization sharing insight and opinions on a specific topic. Webinars are one of the simplest virtual events that generally last for 30 minutes or maybe a couple of hours. It brings together people from all over the world who can freely connect and build new relationships.

Virtual trade shows and exhibitions

Hosting a virtual trade show is similar to running a physical trade event. We understand that at virtual events you cannot run into each other, the way you can at on-site events. But, nothing to worry about!

There are several virtual event platforms, like Dreamcast, that implement AI matchmaking and excellent virtual booths to promote networking and engagement.

The virtual trade show provides businesses with more authority over how participants interact with them so it becomes more manageable for them to promote products and services without any interference.

Virtual Career Fairs

Want to display your company’s brand to global delegates? Hosting virtual career fairs is an excellent way to do so. To find some best candidates for your company, virtual career fairs let you have 1-to-1 chat/video/audio discussions, job boards, and a lot more for potential attendees. This helps you enhance the quality of your candidates and meet them virtually to understand them better.

Virtual Onboarding Fairs

Businesses often consider new employees and their talents significantly important for the growth of the companies. Organizations have to include an effective hiring policy to supervise the new candidates to have an objective right from the beginning.

During this stage, neither the interviewer nor the candidates applying for the job prefer to meet physically because an employer might have a set of people to interview before the final candidate gets selected as the new employee. Hence, virtual award shows are effective ways to limit such situations and continue the process of hiring a new employee from the choice of their location.

Live Streaming

When you plan to live-stream your event over the internet on a real-time basis, it helps you reach a wide range of audiences globally. You can live-stream your event on various social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Although live streaming was a distinguished practice before the pandemic, it has grown more popular in 2020. It is a great way to connect with interested customers and convey your brand’s message through social media.

Virtual University Fairs

Universities usually set up various presentations and fairs to help students get relevant information and opportunities to obtain their educational and professional aims. This is where top universities showcase the best aspects of their institutes and universities to welcome students from all over the world.

In order to gain fame and recognition, however, the initial step is to be noticeable and accessible. Virtual University fairs are events that can be accessed via your laptop or mobile from different remote locations.

Through virtual university fairs, universities display their infrastructure, expertise, and arrangements to a vast prospective student base residing in any part of the world.

Virtual Wedding Expos

Virtual wedding expos bring in great news for the brides-to-be. We all agree that organizing a wedding might be very apprehensive and time-consuming. With all the timing, resources, and preparation that weddings require, it’s not shocking that numerous couples are shifting to a more comfortable way to organize their wedding through a virtual wedding expo.

In recent times, people are showing more interest in this alternative and couples are conveniently. Choosing their preferred artists, designers, event organizers, and photographers — all of this with just one click.

As technology advances, these events can be hosted in a more innovative and successful manner. Whether you’re searching for someone to manage your wedding ceremony or need some guidance on how to organize your own wedding, there’s presently a virtual wedding expo having hundreds of merchants who can make your D-day more special.

Virtual Music Concerts

Just like any other event, there are several virtual event platforms hosting online music concerts. How cool it is, to see your favorite band performing from the comfort of your home or any location. Virtual music concerts are usually conducted by experts who wish to share their music with people across the world.

Virtual Workshops

The Virtual workshops are a good approach to obtain access to proficient knowledge from individuals across the globe. They propose a cost-effective option for physical workshops that attendees can visit from different remote locations.

Online workshops are perfect for businesses looking to provide skill-based training to a wider audience. One of the important factors of a prosperous virtual workshop is to keep. The audience engaged through quizzes regarding the learning they acquire.

Saanvi Patel

I’m Saanvi and I’m a digital marketer & technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, online event technology, social media, and marketing trends.

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