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10 must-try foods in Austria

Here are 10 must-try foods in Austria, bet you don't want to miss them.

Do you want to try some of the best Austrian dishes? There are many Austrian specialities and traditional meals that attract culinary tourists from all over the world. Take a look at the top Austrian meals for a pleasurable experience if you’re wondering what to eat and drink in Austria. Austrian cuisine puts you in a food coma, and the finest of it is in this list of  the 10 must-try foods in Austria.

List of 10 must try foods in Austria

  1. Viennese Apfelstrudel
  2. Wiener Schnitzel
  3. Vienna Sausage
  4. Knödel
  5. Tafelspitz
  6. Potato Goulash
  7. Käsespätzle
  8. Kaiserschmarrn
  9. Buchteln
  10.  Sachertorte

Viennese Apfelstrudel

Although the Germans claim ownership of the Strudel, Austrians have embraced the rich crusty Apfelstrudel, which is considered one of their national delicacies. The Apfelstrudel is a flaky pastry with an apple filling that counts as Austrian food. However, a distinct variant was served in German eateries. The filling is flavoured with cinnamon and sugar, and raisins are added. Any food lover will go weak in the knees when they smell Apfelstrudel fresh out of the oven! It’s also widely accessible because it’s a popular Austrian street dish. You can eat this at any time. It is one of Austria’s most popular dishes.


Wiener Schnitzel

fried food on white ceramic plate

Image Credits: Unsplash

The Schnitzel is the dish that most people know about in Austrian cuisine. It’s a delicious fried treat that comes with a side of french fries, cream cheese, and shallots. The dish may be found anywhere from cafes to elevated eateries! Schnitzel is a popular informal lunch option, which is similar to fish and chips. It is a typical Austrian dish, one of the nicest of the  must-try foods in Austria.


 Vienna Sausage

cooked sausage on round grey pan

Image Credits: Unsplash

If you’re looking for the best Austrian cuisine, the Vienna sausage is a must-try. The utilisation of meat is prevalent in Eastern European cuisine and is one of Austria’s favourite meals. This sort of sausage is a combination of pig and beef. It has been boiled before being smoked at room temperature. It’s then utilised in main courses or just fried and served in a warm bun. It is one of the famous Austrian dishes, and you must try it on your internet trip to Austria.



round chocolate cookies on white surface

Image Credits: Unsplash

Various cuisines across the world have their version of dumplings. Knödel is a type of dumpling that is famous throughout Eastern Europe. Because of its traditional flavour, it is offered at many Michelin-starred restaurants across the world. The Knödel has also been taken by the Austrians and made their own. The Knödel is one of the perfect Austrian meals and snacks. It can be sweet or savoury. You can eat the savoury Knödel as a side dish or drink as soup meatballs. It is the tastiest sweet Knödel is a plum-based variant.



round chocolate cookies on white surface

Image Credits: Unsplash

Tafelspitz is a traditional Austrian dish served as an entree at a variety of restaurants around the country. The Beef is cooked in vegetables and the taste is better than others. The meat is then served along with horseradish-minced apples or sour cream and chives. The substantial dish has a rustic feel and is satisfying. The term itself relates to a beef cut and will have distinct meanings in a grocery store and a cafe!


 Potato Goulash

Goulash, Soup, Lunch, Rich, Snack, Homemade, Kitchen

Image Credits: Pixabay

It originates from Hungary; good and pepper potato Goulash has long been a staple of Austrian cuisine. Potato Goulash is a hot gloopy stew that comes in a variety of flavours like soups do. The Potato Goulash is a famous Austrian meal that has fame throughout the country. It is made of potatoes, onions, bell peppers, and sausages, and seasoned with paprika. A bowl of Goulash is the best Austrian breakfast when served with a side of buttered bread.


yellow pasta and cherry tomatoes

Image Credits: Unsplash

A delicious dish of macaroni and cheese will warm your tummy like nothing else! Those who live and spend their holiday in Austria’s Alps will attest to the iconic Austrian cuisine, Käsespätzle. It is Austria’s version of Mac n cheese! Spaetzle is a soft egg noodle that comes in several forms and sizes and resembles little nuggets. The Käsespätzle is served with substantial cheese and pairs nicely with a good bottle of wine. It is one of Austria’s most delicious dishes of the must-try foods in Austria.



brown and white food on stainless steel round tray

Image Credits: Unsplash

Kaiserschmarrn is a royal feast fit for a king! The dish’s name combines the words “Kaiser” and “Schmarrn,” which means “shred.” The meal consists of airy shredded pancakes! The sweet dish can be served as a dessert or as a whole meal. Jams, sweet sauces, fruit compotes, and caramelised dried fruits are strewn on the pancakes. It is divided into several pieces. The dish, which originated in the nineteenth century, has since it has become a staple of Austrian cuisine.



bread on black round plate

Image Credits: Unsplash

Buchteln is a delicious baked dish with jam, poppy seeds, or sweet curds. The soft buns have a caramelised crispy top and are light and spongy on the inside to the yeast bread. They are often serving this as a dessert, with vanilla sauce or just sugar on top! You must try this one of Austria’s most famous desserts!


sliced chocolate cake on white ceramic plate

Image Credits: Unsplash

Who doesn’t like a delicious dessert? Try the traditional Austrian dessert Sachertorte in any bakery that serves Austrian fare; it will make you fall in love with the country’s cuisine. Furthermore, Austria has a long tradition of creating some of the best sweets in the world, and you should take advantage of the opportunity to try them all. In addition to Sachertorte, other desserts to try include Esterhazy-Schnitte, Rehrücken, and Topfentascherl.


When it comes to Austrian cuisine, there is a lot to enjoy. This list is only a starting point to help you decide what to choose during your visit to the best country. Pack your luggage and arrange a great trip to Austria for a stunning adventure abroad if you are eager to sample these traditional delights. Check our website pickyourtrail and look into the Austria tour packages. You will get more information about the trip. Get ready to enjoy!

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