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What Are the Common Causes of Hard Drive Failures?

Mainly the role of a hard drive is to save data, back up documents, and store large files. But have you ever imagined, what if your hard disk fails? You might run external hard disk recovery to get back all data. 

We understand the pain of losing important or confidential data. So we suggest you save your drive from mishaps. 

Read on to know the top 5 most common reasons for hard drive failure. Also, here you will find precautions to save permanent data loss. 

Let’s take a look!

The Role Of Hard Drive

The hard drive is known as a hardware component that stores all digital documents or other files. It includes your pictures, videos, music, documents, application preferences, operating system, and programs. It has two types one is the external hard drive, and the second is the internal hard disk.

The files or documents stored on a hard drive are measured by their file size. The hard disk indicate the size of the digital file in gigabytes (GB), megabytes (MB), or terabytes (TB) terms.

Main Causes For Hard Drive Failure 

Now let’s have a look over the major reasons for a hard disk failure, their causes, and solutions. 

1. Manufacturing faults or Firmware

It is the common reason for hard disk failure. It generally occurs because of virus attacks, power supply problems, firmware upgrade interruption, and faults in manufacturing. Further, it’s not shocking to see these symptoms in a new hard disk

2. Hard disk overheating issue

The overheating issue is a common one. Usually, it occurs because of high voltage power, CPU fan, no ventilation, high temperature. These are some reasons which heat the system and cause the failure of the hard disk. 

3. Corrupted file

It occurs mainly when you shut down a PC unethically, accidentally close programs, use unauthorized apps, and much more. Due to these reasons, the file gets corrupted, and the hard disk becomes inaccessible. 

4. Power Surge 

UPS often doesn’t deliver the needed power supply. Sometimes it provides high power and sometimes low power. It also happens when there is an interruption inflow of electricity or the use of an unreliable power source.

5. Mechanical failure

When there is an issue in your PC, you run for a data recovery specialist to prevent damage. But there could be many reasons, and mechanical failure is one of them.

Mechanical failure usually occurs due to malware or other virus attacks, moving parts, bad sectors, improper power supply, and much more. All these causes lead to hard disk failure or data corruption.

Tips For Preventing Data Loss

It’s not compulsory that a hard disk will give a warning before damaging. Sometimes it crashes without making a screeching or grinding sound. In this case, you may not get the chance of data backup. So, below we have mentioned a few important tips for protecting data. 

  • When you see any drive failure symptom, stop using it immediately. 
  • Remove or unplug the drive from your CPU. Try to keep it in a safe and clean environment.
  • Ensure there are not any marks or hot spots over the external controller board. 
  • Check the damaged or broken part in the hard disk. 
  • Keep a backup of confidential or professional data. 
  • Hold your laptop or system with care so that you can prevent any damage. 
  • If the data loss is not major, you can use free data recovery software
  • Lastly, if you aren’t able to get all documents, then connecting a data recovery specialist is one of the best options.

Precaution is better than cure! We highly recommend backing up your important data on a regular basis. It will help you in preventing major data loss

Remember, your hard drive may fail anytime and anywhere. The reason could be anything but the data loss is irecoverable. It may result in permanent damage on the surface of the disk platter.

A Quick Wrap Up 

At last, your computer is a machine, and it can be damaged at any time. So you have to stay ready for any mishap on the hard disk.  

Here we have mentioned the top five reasons for hard drive failure. If you find any issues, you may head towards hard disk data recovery services in Singapore or other areas.

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