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Things to do before moving house

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Things to do before moving house

When moving to a new place, there are a lot of things to do. So forgetting some things is pretty obvious. However, this should not be allowed to happen because forgetting even the small things can get you into big trouble. In this blog, I will let you know how you can remember all the important things to do during the move. Professional packers and movers in Hyderabad suggest making a moving checklist. This will guide you through the move. You will know what to do next.

The moving checklist will guide you on the tools and services you need for the move. In this blog, you will know how to plan your move and the things you are supposed to do before moving.

Make a moving checklist, follow the given things, and consider following your checklist to guide you through the moving process. It won’t let you forget even a little thing. So, consider the following important things and make a checklist for your move.

8 weeks before moving

Search for moving company

It’s always a good idea to start looking for a reliable nearby moving company at least two months before moving. Make sure you have plenty of time to do your research to reach the best moving company in town. During your research, consider the company’s experience, specialization, market reputation, and fees. This will help you find the most reliable and affordable packers and movers in Hyderabad.

Establish your budget

House moving is neither easy nor cheap. If you don’t want to make it extravagant, set your budget in advance. Think about the services and things you will need to pack and move your belongings to the new destination. If you can’t find a good moving company within your budget, set the bar high and look for another one. After all, your valuables cost more than the move will cost you. So, consider the quality rather than the price.

Visit your new place

The place you are moving to should be safe enough to live in. Moreover, you will have to guide your movers with the route to reach your home and park the truck to unload things. So you should visit the new community once before moving.

Research schools

If you are moving with your children, look for good schools in the new town. Google some of the best schools in the new neighborhood.

Create a mobile file or folder

When moving, one of the most common things to misplace is important papers or documents. To keep them safe, use a file or folder. Or, you can also save the electronic copies to Google Drive.

6 weeks before moving

Purge your house

Charges for packers and movers are based on the total number of goods they will be transporting. If you hand over less goods to them, they will charge you less. Just see the goods that are useless to you now.

Categorize your goods

Whether you want to keep the goods and have the movers pack them up, or you want to sell or donate something, classify your goods accordingly.

Organize packing materials

To pack your things, you will need all the packing materials. Get them organized at a nearby store or ask your friends. This way you can pack some of your stuff. Also use the items you already have like a suitcase, rolling bag, backpack, laundry bucket, trash bags, etc.

4 weeks before moving

Clean items

Cleaning up before you move will make half your job easier. After moving into your new home, you can directly unpack and place your belongings. Otherwise, you will make a mess in your new home to clean up the goods.

Take pictures of electronics

Take the photos of your electronic items and your TV, which will help you reassemble the item in your new home.

Create an inventory list

You should make an inventory list of your goods before loading them onto the truck. This will help you know which goods have been loaded onto the truck and which still need to be loaded. Moreover, you can easily find out if something is missing.

2 and 1 weeks before moving

Make time for friends and family

Saying goodbye to your friends and family can be heartbreaking, but you have to. You can still have a few joyful days in your last days in town and create great memories together. Let professional packers and movers in Hyderabad do their packing and moving tasks, you make time for friends and family.

Prepare your personal luggage

To be more specific, prepare an essential bag for you and your family. It’s not important, your mover will deliver the things on the date mentioned. Therefore, you should carry some necessary items like clothes, medicine, toiletries, etc. with you. This will help you get through the night as well as a few days in the new home.

Transport the goods

Remind your movers on moving day. Simply confirm reservations with your movers and ask them to be ready at the agreed date and time. Call the moving company and remind them of the day of the move so that they come on time and transport the goods safely and in a timely manner to the designated location.

Create and follow this moving checklist while moving your home anywhere in India with professional packers and movers in Hyderabad.

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