Outfit To Flaunt Tomboy Look: 5 Looks

As apparent as it may seem, not every female on the earth is a fan of pink, high heels, roses, or rainbows. The notion that pink is only for girls is as obsolete as the notion that trousers are only for males. Here comes the tomboy look for girls.

Women feel compelled to express who they truly are in a society where feminism has assumed such a prominent and powerful role, even if doing so means defying the feminine image. The tomboy look has become more of a synonym for independence in recent years, and many women have experimented with it at least once.

Even if a piece of male-influenced fashion for women has appeared since the turn of the century, street style fashion is responsible for turning tomboy costumes into the coolest and trendiest thing on the block.

So, let’s get ahead to learn about 5  outfits to create an attractive tomboy look.

5 Outfits To Flaunt The Tomboy Look

1. Oversized Shirts with Jacket

Shirt dresses: Yes! I’m talking about the insanely long and baggy colorful printed shirts for men that are worn as dresses – are very hot right now, and they’re perfect for tomboys. Toss on a big jacket and some boots for goodness sake.

2. Flannel Shirts

Flannel or plaid is a stylish shirt for men and yet for tomboys. You’re set if you tie one at the waist, layer it, or go for a bigger one.

3. Black Blazer with Pencil Skirt

The second tomboy costume is stricter and more formal. Because of its straightforward design, it is ideal for business meetings and important conferences. The ensemble consists of a black jacket and a black pencil skirt. The white blouse lends a touch of class to the ensemble. And, makes it ideal for formal occasions. But, no matter what sort of tomboy costume you choose, keep in mind that this trend is very flexible and freestyle, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination go wild!

4. Baggy Sweaters

I’d recommend wearing three different types of sweaters: thick, medium-thick, and thin. Straight or open cuts are the greatest because they are both adaptable. Because the thick sweater has a more casual aspect, you can wear it with either a pair of pants and trainers or a pair of jeans and oxfords. Furthermore, it’s an excellent layering garment you should wear over blouses and dresses for added warmth without adding bulk. Alpaca wool or cashmere can be used to make a fairly thick sweater. This is a shirt that may be worn on its own. Merino wool, which is quite warm and ideal for wearing with a light sweater, is generally used in the cold season.

5. Wear Caps

Caps are the ideal tomboy accessory. So, forget about everything else and give this a try. They have such a powerful masculine appearance that they will quickly convert your ensemble into something edgy and boyish.

That’s all there is to it. Simply mix it with any t-shirt for an instant tomboy look.

Wrapping Up:

 When I said there’s a lot you can do with your tomboy outfits, I wasn’t kidding. While the term “tomboy” refers to inherent personal characteristics, we can all play with it by adopting the standards of a true tomboy or tweaking them to fit our own. Do you identify as a tomboy? What’s your go-to attire? Please let us know by leaving a comment in the space below.


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