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New online games for childrens

Once upon a time, MMOs were rare, like legendary items in loot, but now they have become commonplace. And since the foundations of the genre are freedom and a large number of players, these games are among the most ambitious. Each of them promises a huge world, an active community and an amazing amount of content.

New MMORPGs have great potential, but they are on the verge of failure – history is full of both examples of MMOs that have received their moment of glory, and cases of undeserved oblivion.

So that you don’t waste your time creating a character in a game that you might not even like, we have compiled a list of MMO games worthy of your attention. But we’ve taken it even further: as MMORPG worlds are constantly changing, we’ve included time-tested games with recent updates and additions, as well as new online multiplayer games with RPG elements.



A game adaptation of the Asian card game of the same name, which became wildly popular almost on the first day of launch – all because the series has been over 20 years old, and during this time it has gained a big fan base.

This TCG boasts quite rich content – there is a single player mode that tells interesting stories from the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!, duels for players of various skill levels, as well as more than 10 thousand (!) Unique cards, and because of such a number of over the composition of the deck will have to think for a long time.


At a time when nothing is expected from the royal battles, Naraka: Bladepoint, inspired by the legends and myths of the Far East, comes out. Unlike other games of the genre, the battles between 60 players here are really exciting, because the characters boast not only an extensive arsenal of melee and ranged weapons, but also martial arts mixed with unique abilities. Each one also has a grappling hook , which grants vertical freedom and opens up new tactical tricks.


A tactical first-person shooter reminiscent of the legendary SWAT – get ready to assemble a team of friends and immerse yourself in the hard everyday life of special forces risking their lives on every operation.

Unlike other shooters, firing right and left will not work here – first you will brief the task and study the building plan, then get acquainted with the various equipment of the fighters (includes not only grenades, but also battering rams, tactical ladders, shields, and more), and already then go to the lair of the enemy, where, if necessary, you can attract assistants in the form of negotiators and snipers .


The fifth part turned out even better than the fourth – the developers left what worked well and fixed some bugs, thus approaching the formula of an ideal arcade racing simulator . The open world , represented by “motley” Mexico, has become larger, and it is literally bursting with various activities, and the collection of cars has replenished with beautiful and powerful representatives of various brands. This we still kept silent about the graphics, physics and other features, which are better to learn about personally.


Released at the end of 2021, Halo Infinite , with its sudden free multiplayer, was able to quickly patch up the wounds inflicted on gamers of Battlefield 2042 and COD: Vanguard – moreover, the game fell in love with those who are not familiar with the history of the Master Chief. This is a first-person shooter with excellent graphics, high dynamics and powerful futuristic guns, which is definitely worth recommending to those who miss old-school arena shooters.

You can play for free, but if you want to immerse yourself in the story, you will have to pay extra for a single player campaign.


Asymmetric horror from Russian developers offers the four survivors not only to escape from the maniac, but also to play hide and seek with him , disguised as various objects. The intersection of these two mechanics has become a feature of Propnight – at any moment you can become a soda can, haystack or other surrounding object. The game will also please with extremely pleasant cartoon graphics and maniacs – there are not many of them, but they refer to well-known horror antagonists.


The tiny role-playing crazygames online (TMORPG) Book of Travels has managed to stand out in the online segment – unlike other similar ones where people and orcs wage a never-ending war, here you will find a calm adventure through a painted world with elements of survival and an unusual perspective.

As you roam busy cities and wild places, you’ll write your travel book and possibly meet other players – but that’s extremely rare in Book of Travels.

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The first Mortal Online was one of the toughest MMORPGs, and the sequel continues that tradition – get ready to get into a world where players can take all the things of the loser in a PvP duel , and you can attack here at any time, so scary mobs look not so dangerous, but allies and powerful guilds are of particular importance.

The game also boasts sandbox elements , a crafting system with hundreds of thousands of combinations and a branched leveling tree , and thanks to the Star Vault agreement with Epic best crazygames , this is one of the first MMORPGs to switch to the modern Unreal Engine 5.

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