How To Successfully Build Music Streaming App in 2022?

A leading online article revealed, ‘’Spotify is the platform for about a third of all music streaming listeners worldwide.’’

For music owners today, Spotify has been the constant inspiration on how to make an app like Spotify? So is it possible to create your audio streaming platform like Spotify?

Let our next section reveal the top reasons for Spotify’s success to answer this question.

5 Spotify Strategies That Made It A Success Over The Years

1. Provided free service

Spotify, a popular audio streaming platform, is successful because it allows any number of users to access their unlimited music library for free. 

This strategy worked as it allowed users to explore the app and take their time to learn more about the USPs of the platform. This is one technique that you should consider especially when you build music streaming app. 

2. Shifted free users to premium

Another tip on how to make a music streaming app successful is to work your way to tap the free users to premium. 

There are many ways of doing this, the first is to understand their behaviour via analytics. Spotify had the data of their user behaviour, which helped tap them better.

For users, who wanted more features, Spotify would compel them with premium details to compel users to invest. 

3. Worked to retain users and reduce churns

What is the best technique Spotify used to retain its user attention and reduce churn? They kept a close tab on their users. For every user, Spotify service was unique, it was customized based on their actions. 

When Spotify continued to provide such a value, their user count increased and churn reduced. 

4. Pays artists based on users plan

Another trick that Spotify had on its sleeve was the amount of artists that depended on Spotify earnings. 

Based on the user, whether they are free users or premium users, Spotify would pay brands or artists accordingly. 

An online Spotify use case revealed, ‘’In 2018, Spotify pays €3.5 billion in royalties for premium users and €0.5 billion for free users.’’

5 Successful Tips To Create Own Music App Like Spotify

1. Choose your business model

The number one factor you need to consider is to choose your business model. To choose this, you first need to understand how well your target audience will react to this. 

For instance, most audio streaming platforms offer subscription-based and ad-based services to drive their revenue. 

With your content, target audience knowledge, and analytics, you can decide which business model suits you best. ( AVOD, coupons & promotions, etc.)

Adverrtising: Using an audio streaming server, you can run unlimited ads in the form of images or videos in between streaming tracks to maximize your revenue based on the number of potential users converted.

2. Incorporate Spotify Features

There is a reason why Spotify is a leading name in the music streaming industry. Today, with over a million subscribers, the brand is still on top. 

When planning your features, ensure you look at what Spotify offers. For instance,

  • Push notifications,
  • Structure of accessing music content,
  • Music library,
  • Registration & social login,
  • Search tab,
  • AI recommendations,
  • Lyrical display,
  • Playlists: Public Or Private,
  • Song Writer Profile, etc. 

These features have worked for a leading music brand and, if used well, will work for your brand growth as well. 

3. Choose licensing type

The key factor you need to remember here is that you require a licencing agreement before you can upload any music content from any music label or artist. 

There are two types, Sound recording license agreement and Musical composition license agreement. 

4. Build music streaming app

Once the above is catered to, its time to create a music streaming app like Spotify. While creating one from scratch is tedious, choosing a readymade solution will have restrictions. 

Thus it is better to invest in an audio streaming solution provider that offers you everything at an affordable price. They offer great features and lets your platform scale as per your needs. 

Music streaming is the future as Grand View Research revealed, ‘’the global streaming market was worth $42.6 billion in 2019. It’s expected to grow more than 20 percent per year and reach a total of $184.3 billion by 2027.’’

5. Enhance your audio streaming solution

Lastly, its time to continue enhancing your audio streaming solution. 

Creating a successful brand image like Spotify takes lots of work and effort. Continue to offer your users more value, as this will work to retain their attention and reduce churn. Work with the current trends and continue to offer your users better with every use. 


To create music streaming app, you require a USP that sets you apart. Keeping Spotify success stories and strategy in mind, you can now create your own music streaming site. Statista revealed, ‘’In 2020, music streaming revenue hit 13.4 billion U.S. dollars worldwide, more than 28 times the figure recorded a decade ago. 

Thus, to help you create the best, invest in an audio streaming solution provider that can assist you in your platform’s initial and present stages. So tell us, when do you plan to get started?

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