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How to Stop Hair Fall in Men and Women

Hair fall is one of the major hair concerns of every second man and woman across the world. A person loses up to 100 hairs in only one day in a natural hair growth pattern. But, if it becomes vigorous, it will result in hair loss. Some people think that only genetics and aging drive hair loss. However, there are many underlying causes too. Whether there are some health conditions, poor diet, or lifestyle changes, hair health is the prime thing that affects the most. Thus, it is essential to identify the real cause of hair fall to find an effective hair loss treatment.

Before moving towards tips to stop hair fall, find out the actual causes that trigger hair loss in men and women.

Hair Fall Causes:

Hair loss in men and women is different from each other. Most hair fall in men occurs due to predetermined genetic factors, whereas hair fall in women is often systemic. That’s why men get baldness, and women get hair thinning due to excessive hair loss. Here, we mention some dominant reasons that trigger hair loss, hair thinning, hair breakage, and other hair-related problems.

  • Health Conditions: Several underlying diseases and health conditions trigger excessive hair fall. It includes anemia, thyroid disease, syphilis, alopecia areata, and more.
  • Medications: Medications for some diseases can also cause hair loss in men and women. It includes arthritis, cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.
  • Emotional trauma and Stress: A hair loss condition, Telogen effluvium, is related to hair loss due to stress.
  • Hormonal changes: During pregnancy, menopause, and puberty, hormonal changes occur, accompanying moderate and excessive hair fall.
  • Protein deficiency: The crash diet or low nutrients intake will lead to protein deficiency. It forces the hair growth phase towards the resting and shedding phase.
  • Aging and Hereditary conditions: Androgenic alopecia is a genetic-linked hair loss condition that causes male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness
hair fall reasons
the main reason of hair fall in men and women

Tips to Stops Hair Fall:

The hair falls best solution is available in your daily and weekly hair care routine. You only need to add some hair nourishing products with hair loss treatments to your hair care regimen. Here we enlist some tips for you.

  • Massage scalp with anti-hair loss oil: People who have hair loss problems for some time should try massaging the scalp with the best hair oil for a few minutes. It provides nourishment to roots and helps hair follicles to remain active. It is also helpful to make hair strong and healthy by its roots.
  • Use Mild Shampoo: In Pakistan, most men and women have dandruff issues that may lead to hair fall. Thus, washing hair with mild shampoo can reduce the chance of hair loss due to scalp infection and dandruff. But, do not shampoo the hair every day because it can worsen the hair loss condition. According to the online shopping website, the demand for anti-hair loss shampoo in Pakistan is increasing day by day.
  • Add protein to your diet: Hair needs protein to remain strong and healthy. So, add protein sources to your diet to curb hair fall from the inside. You can also use a protein hair mask on your hair to provide deep conditioning to your damaged and dry hair.
  • Avoid heat styling: Heat styling and vigorous hairstyling also lead to hair breakage and hair thinning. So, avoid it to retain natural hair health.
  • Use hair masks: Hair care experts highly recommend adding an anti-hair loss keratin mask to your weekly hair care routine because it helps make hair strong, thick, shiny, and lucious.
  • Use hair serums: Anti-hair loss serums contain hair nourishing nutrients and moisturizing oils that restore hair health. People with excessive hair loss should use the best hair serums after every hair wash.
  • Avoid using chemicals: Harsh chemicals, permanent hair dyes, and hair styling products cause severe damages to the hair, and these damages trigger hair loss. So, avoid using them or choose the herbal one for hair coloring purposes.
solution and tips for hair fall
balance and healty diet is the hitting point to get ride of hair fall speedly


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