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How To Identify Fake Web Designers – And Choose A Real One in 2021

On the internet, you can see endless options for web design services. All companies and professionals are trying to grab the client’s attention by getting more projects. It is the biggest reason why all web designers admit various statements by specifying themselves as the best one. Due to all these things, some fake service providers are also taking advantage of such hype and try to trap the clients in their scams. 

If you want to get the website designed and developed perfectly, you have to focus on lots of things. You should identify the fake options and eliminate these from the list. It can help you in choosing the right one only. 

Things To Keep In Mind 

While identifying the fake and choosing the right service provider, you have to keep different things in mind.

Check Out Portfolio 

Firstly, you should be focused on the portfolio of the web design company. All professionals and quality service providers are having an impressive portfolio featured with multiple projects they completed previously. You should try to inspect the expert’s portfolio carefully and check out all their previous projects. You need to pay attention to the impressiveness of the website’s appearance and the results they deliver. 

Fix A Meeting 

Another important step you can take to identify the fake and pick the right one is setting up a meeting. If you are dealing with someone from your locality, you should visit the office of the service provider. If the service provider is outside your area, you should conduct an online meeting via video conferencing or calling software. During the meeting, you can ask multiple questions, such as – 

  • How many projects did they deliver yet?
  • How many projects are ongoing?
  • What is their experience in web designing?
  • How many professionals do they have on the team?
  • How much experience of their professionals?
  • Which kind of tools do they use?
  • What is the area of specialisation?
  • What services do they offer?
  • Do they have knowledge about recent market trends?
  • Can they create a responsive website?

While discussing all these things, you can check out the professional’s knowledge. Along with it, you can focu犀利士
s on the confidence level. With it, you should try to explain something regarding your web design project and ask for some referrals or ideas. 

It can help you in identifying how creative web design ideas they have. You should not make a final judgement by paying attention to a meeting only. You have to focus on some other aspects and conduct a similar kind of meeting with some other professionals as well. It can help you in gathering lots of information and comparing the options effectively. 


One thing that you should not forget to test carefully is the testimonials. It can help you in figuring out whether their previous business clients are satisfied with the services or not. 

These key factors can be useful in figuring out everything perfectly. In case you have any kind of doubt till the end, you can ask for the registration number.

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