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How to Choose the Best Eye Liner For You – Eyeliner For Round Eyes

Eyeliner For Round Eyes

Eyeliner For Round Eyes may be a little more difficult to find than the usual colors that are used for every other eye type. However, there is no lack of eye makeup for this specific eye style. If you keep these tips in mind, finding the perfect shade will be an easy task for you to accomplish.

First of all, let’s talk about eye shape. Basically, there are two main eye shapes that people can have: normal, pear-shaped eyes; and almond-shaped eyes.

Of course, it doesn’t matter what eye shape you are using as long as the makeup will still match with your eye shape. In addition, it also has to be appropriate with your eye color.

Some people with pear shaped eyes tend to have problems with applying their eye makeup. Usually, they end up smearing their eye makeup on the outside of their eyelids.

Sharpen the Tip of your Brush for a Soft Appearance

This is why it’s very important to apply your eyeliner on the upper lid. Just make sure that your eyeliner stick on the upper lid for thicker lines and sharpen the tip of your brush for a soft appearance.

For those with almond eyes, the trick is to apply your Eyeliner For Round Eyes on the outer part of the eyelid. Then, use a soft upward stroke from the inner corners towards the outer corners.

To define the shape of your eyes, use a pencil to fill the gaps between your eyes. When you are working with a darker color, it will enhance the almond-shaped shadow. For lighter shades, such as browns and pinks, it will soften the look.

For those who have longer eyes, another trick is to use a little more eye liner in the inner corner of the eye. The rule of thumb is to always line the inner corner about two to three times as thick as what you would put in the outer corner.

eyeliner for round eyes

Shape of the Eye and will Help Accentuate the Natural Beauty of the Eye

To define the shape of the eyes, put a pencil to your eye. Start drawing along the crease of your eye and across to the bottom eyelashes. This will define the shape of the eye and will help accentuate the natural beauty of the eye.

To give your eyes some definition, use a tiny brush to lift the crease of your eyes. This can be done using a pencil or a finger. To define the shape of the eyes, use a pencil to outline your eye and lift the inner corner using feather duster strokes.

To add a little lift to your eyelashes, use an eyeliner pencil that has a bit of curl to it. To accentuate your winged eyeliner, put a drop of dark color on the end of the eyeliner. Then, take your feathered eyeliner and dip it inside your eye and blend it from the inside out to get a smoky look.

eyeliner for round eyes

Enhance the Eyelashes Shape

Another great way to make your eyes look defined is to use mascara. You can use either black or white. To enhance your eyelashes shape, try curling them before you put them in.

Curling them beforehand will give them some definition and lift your lashes. To add some volume to your eyes, use mascara on the outside of your lashes. This will make your eyes look wider and will also enhance the eyelashes shape.

An all around good eye shape is just lifted using eyeliner and mascara. Try these tips out and see what looks best on you. Make sure to do eye liner before you put any other makeup on your face. This will give you the definition and lift your eyes to achieve a better look.

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