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How to Choose an Electric Skateboard

Skateboarding is not only a sporting activity in most parts of the world but also a convenient means to commute. It never gets old or boring. As technology is emerging, conventional recreational activities are also taking a new shape. The skateboards that we operated manually have now evolved as electric skateboards. These are controlled by hand-held remote control while the rider shifts his weight to adjust the direction.

There are many options in the market to choose from while looking for an electric skateboard. However, many attributes may affect your selection.

In this article, we will walk you through the guide to choosing the best electric skateboard.

1 Battery Life

While going for an electric skateboard, the most important factor to consider is its battery life. As the electric longboard is a battery-powered device, you will highly appreciate a rechargeable battery when riding an electric longboard. Look for an electric skateboard that has a battery that is competitive on all three factors; output rate, voltage, and capacity. It will determine how fast and far your skateboard will go.

You can carry the spare charge of batteries with you to change in case you run out of them while on the go. Naturally, choose an electric skateboard that has the largest chargeable capacity.

.2 High Speed

It is another most common metric that you need to look for when buying an electric skateboard. One needs to travel fast and experience the thrill that comes with high speed. Most electric skateboards give you 25MPH – 30MPH. Also keep in mind that if it is your first time riding on an electric skateboard, you should take it slow.

The speed can always be controlled by the hand-held remote, and you should take special precautions to steer clear of the other motor vehicles on the road while commuting. Determine the speed of your electric skateboard depending on how skillful you are with the gadget.

3. Wheels

The wheels of a skateboard are crucial. They take your weight and suffer wear and tear caused by the frictional heat. A good skateboard will have wheels that will help make your riding experience better. If the wheels are too small, they will break up too soon. On the other hand, larger wheels eat up the battery life of your electric skateboard. It is, therefore, recommended to look for AT wheels for an experience that is both safe and smooth when you choose an electric skateboard.

If you are going to use it in the wilderness, there are separate types of electric skateboards. They come with special wheels and operating mechanisms that will guarantee the best off-road experience.

4. Size

There are two types of electric skateboards in the market. These vary in size of the board, long or short. Users with different traveling needs may prefer the different sizes of electric skateboards. The longer ones guarantee a more stable experience. If you intend to travel bit longer distances or uphill or downhill, you should opt for long electric skateboards.

The users who need to navigate through crowds regularly or go through flat surfaces opt for electric skateboards that are shorter in size. These types have a fast response time, and you can conveniently take sharp turns and stop them abruptly while on a commute.

5. Balancing

Always remember that the balance on an electric skateboard is very important while traveling. You never want to jerk a little bit and fall off from an electric skateboard that is going at a reasonably fast speed. It is where the factor of flex and balance comes into check. Thereby, you should choose an electric skateboard that gives higher flex and can help absorb the shocks while being on the road or uneven terrain.

6. Style

The hip-hop way to commute among youngsters is an electric skateboard. In order to fit the millennial lifestyle, these skateboards need to be stylish. The product has to have competitive characteristics and be resilient and strong, yet appealing to the eye at the same time. The thrill and fun experience that comes with riding the electric skateboard must be with grace. Always look for sleek and smart electric skateboards that are also safe to ride on.

7. Pricing

Like any other commodity, when you choose an electric skateboard, the price is a prominent factor you look out for. The ones that come with the best features will naturally cost you more. However, if you want to look for an electric longboard that has promising features but still fits in your budget, you will have to dig a bit deeper into the market. Most electric skateboards with decent enough features will cost you around $500 to $1000.

Wrapping It

Conclusively, there are countless options of electric skateboards available in the market today. With so many models and manufacturers, choosing the correct electric skateboard for yourself or your dear one is a demanding task. We have helped you pinpoint what classic attributes you need to look for while making the correct choice. Hope you will get the best electric skateboard for sale that will help you enjoy your rides.

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