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Different Styles of Canvas Prints

Hanging canvas prints in your home or business might be the missing piece to completely change any area. With so many canvas wall art alternatives to pick from, we’ve put up a guide to assist you in making the finest high-quality canvas wall art decision. Your design concept and the environment you wish to create will determine which canvas prints are appropriate for your walls. Once you’ve decided on a design, browse our choice of custom canvas prints to make your vision a reality.

  1. Canvas Prints on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Single-piece canvas printing with gallery-wrapped edges is among our most popular items. These are images that have been professionally stretched around the sides of a wooden frame after being printed on canvas.

These trendy prints work in almost any area and can be easier to hang than framed art or photographs for decorators seeking a lightweight and versatile alternative. If you prefer contemporary displays or want to make sure your art or images take centre stage, gallery-wrapped edges are the way to go. Our high-quality prints will bring the flair to your house that you’ve been looking for, no matter how you choose to hang them.

  1. Framed Canvas Prints 

Why should you choose a framed canvas print over a standard photo print? Decorators who prefer a traditional style with fine details and the texture of a canvas print may choose framed canvas prints. Frames give high-quality canvas prints more depth, which is particularly beneficial for presenting photographs that you want to stand out. You may colour-coordinate your displays throughout your home by choosing from alternatives like black, oak, or white frames. Framed prints give dimension and allow you to combine with other room decorations; for example, dark wood frames, such as walnut, go well with dark-stained wood accents and coffee tables. Frames can help pull a collage together for a coherent vibe if you’re searching for a way to show off many photographs on a single canvas.

Considering a large-scale project? Large-scale applications benefit from framed canvas prints. The canvas frames are likewise intended to complement rather than overpower the main image. Our custom framed canvas paintings are meant to preserve its beauty for decades while preventing fading or warping — framed canvas prints make heirlooms that your loved ones will treasure.

  1. Collage Canvas Prints

With canvas print projects, you may be your own interior designer! Show off your artistic side by adorning your walls with a collage gallery canvas print. For a distinctive design with an artistic flair, a collage canvas can be used to display many photos or to divide a single photo into several distinct pieces. Whether you’re displaying your own art or a cherished poster, our Design-a-Wall tool may help you create an eye-catching wall.

Canvas prints of collages are a fantastic way to bring your gallery wall ideas to life. We have stacked, squared, and panoramic layouts available to help you construct the gallery wall you’ve always wanted. Consider the following factors while deciding on the best solution for you:

If you have a large room, consider using panoramic multi-prints to fill in any gaps.

Standard room — To keep the space exciting to the eye, create a conventional gallery wall with various-sized prints.

  1. Panoramic Canvas prints

Landscape, wildlife, nature, and cityscape pictures look excellent on panoramic canvas prints. They’re also great for group shots at weddings, events, family reunions, and other occasions. A panoramic display offers a spectacular centre point for any wall, whether you want to show off a sunset over the coast, your favourite cityscape, or a large family portrait.

Panoramic prints are a stunning and dramatic way to dress up your home or office. When it comes to deciding where to hang a panoramic print, you have a lot of options.

  1. Canvas Prints to Hang

Design your own hanging canvas prints to make a statement with these easy to hang canvas pieces. By personalising these trendy and contemporary canvas wall art posters, you will be able to bring your artistic abilities to life. Make one-of-a-kind pieces of art out of your best memories for you and your family to admire and enjoy. These canvas prints are as durable as they are beautiful, with a semi-gloss finish and a premium poly-cotton canvas. Each canvas print is accompanied by two sleek and sophisticated black magnetic wood bars that secure the top and bottom of your canvas. These stylish hanging canvas prints are ideal for displaying any favourite family photo and make a thoughtful present for any special occasion.

  1. Canvas Prints Horizontal 

Your broad landscapes and wide-lens photographs will look fantastic on these canvas pieces. Take your panoramic photography to new heights by printing and displaying your images for all of your friends and family to see. These horizontal wall art canvas prints can also include up to three distinct pictures; making any canvas print a treasured item.

  1. Vertical Canvas Prints 

8X10, 10X14, 12X12, 16X16, 16X20, 20X30, 24X36, 36X36, 20X24, and 30×30 are some of the sizes available for vertical canvases. Create timeless canvas prints from your favourite memories that will look wonderful in any house or business. Choose from a variety of design themes that can include up to 9 photographs. These vertical canvas prints, which come in a variety of design templates to suit any occasion; are ideal as gifts or for adorning any boring wall.

Vertical and horizontal pieces of canvas wall art.

  1. Children’s Wall Art

Decorate your children’s rooms with inspiring and motivating wall art canvas pieces that they will like seeing every morning. These items could feature photographs of them with their names and favourite colours and shapes embroidered on them. Have your child’s drawings and paints professionally reproduced on Canvas printing for them to admire every day to make an extra special art piece for them. Having their artwork displayed on their walls will increase their self-esteem and self-expression.

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