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A Guide On How to Use LinkedIn Messaging Ads

How Do You Use LinkedIn Messaging Ads For Promoting A Business?

LinkedIn is the ideal platform for businesses to market their services and professionals.

However, it’s an under-utilized platform Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia for small and medium-sized companies.

LinkedIn sponsored messaging ads may yield a higher number of clicks and LinkedIn engagement rates than email.

It’s an effective Direct Marketing tool.

Let us demonstrate how you can use LinkedIn’s messaging ads to increase the size of your business.

We love using LinkedIn ads to reach our B2B clients specifically and would like to demonstrate how you can make the most from LinkedIn ads.

These are particularly useful for those trying Facebook or Twitter advertisements, but haven’t seen the results they expected.

In this post, we will cover:

  1. Who should make use of LinkedIn ads, and what are your choices are
  2. How do I install an account for a Campaign Manager, in case you don’t already have one
  3. How do you create an advertising campaign
  4. Details on the options for targeting on LinkedIn
  5. About Message ads
  6. How to create Message ads step-by-step
  7. Best practices and tips for LinkedIn Adverts for messaging
  8. Assessing and optimizing your marketing campaigns

Let’s get started!

Who Should Use LinkedIn Messaging Ads & What Your Options Are

LinkedIn Sponsored Messages are an excellent opportunity to reach directly your target audience and make your mark above the noise and competitors within the feed.

There are two options when it comes to LinkedIn messages:

  1. Message advertisements provide a specific message that includes one CTA.
  2. Conversation advertisements offer a variety of types of content all in one image for a an extremely engaging experience.

Prospects can be directed to various web pages, and Lead Generation forms and see…

…how many people are clicking on your website and on each offer and how involved they are with the discussion.

Who Should Use LinkedIn Sponsored Message Ads?

LinkedIn Messaging ads can help you if you are aware of the demographics of your target audience as well as where they’re on their journey as a customer.

This means that you have enough data to create a specific message that makes them move.

If you are using this feature in your LinkedIn marketing plan it is important not to lose the opportunity of a Sponsored Message.

The ad format is suitable for every company in any industry so long as you are aware of the audience and message well.

Information On Targeting Options On LinkedIn

The right targeting can lead to better engagement and, ultimately more conversion rates.

On LinkedIn you can select from more than 20 different attribute categories , such as:

  • The size of the company
  • Company name
  • Schools Attended
  • Skills
  • Job title

LinkedIn has some suggestions in regards to determining the best target for advertisements.

Since LinkedIn would like you to succeed on their application (so you’re always advertising) They’re offering strategies for directing your advertisements.

  1. Avoid hyper-targeting. Your reach will be limited and the data you’d have access to with more people.
  2. Test your ads with A/B so you can determine the most targeted and creative alternatives.
  3. Analyze and optimize your advertisements.

LinkedIn Messenger ads let to connect with your target customers directly through the inboxes of their friends.

We love Message ads due to the fact that they are:

  • Encourage people to take action fast since you’re in front of their inboxes right in front of them.
  • In-mail messages may get more attention and have more reasons for engagement than traditional marketing via email.
  • Provide you with insight into the people in your audience who are engaged, and what they are doing.

The LinkedIn messaging ads comprise:

  • Custom greetings
  • Call-to-action button
  • Body Text
  • Ability to insert a hyperlink within the body of the message
  • Custom footer for disclosure of the legal definitions, promotional rules as well as contact information and more.
  • If you’ve selected Lead Generation as your campaign purpose, you’ll need to include an Lead Gen form.

Before you can create and run LinkedIn messaging ads or make use of LinkedIn advertising generally you will require an account with an advertising company.

How to Create an Ad Account on LinkedIn

  1. Log into to access your private account.
  2. Click Advertise.
  3. Create an account and select the currency for billing and then associate with a LinkedIn page to the screen that welcomes you.
  4. Click Create Account.

Now you can make an add-on.

Let’s look at how to create an LinkedIn Messaging advertisement.

It’s not easy time, but it’s worth it to wait through as we’ve got excellent tips and best practices to follow after the instructional.

Before we demonstrate how to design an ad for a message, be sure to go through our latest social media ads tutorial to learn how to create ads on social media.

Install Your Insight Tag to Track Ad Performance

You’ll need to set up Your Insight Tag (LinkedIn’s version of Facebook’s Pixel).

This will track LinkedIn users who visit your site and gather information about the actions they perform there.

How do you connect your Tag to Insight

  1. Navigate to Account Assets > Insight Tag.
  2. Click to add an appropriate tag.
  3. Copy the complete Insight Tag code from the window located in the top of the page (or choose an option from the drop-down choices below).
  4. Click I’m Done.
  5. Incorporate this JavaScript code to each page on your website at least a few minutes prior to the timer is over. Tag within the footer of global.
  6. When LinkedIn receives an alert from the tag you’ve put on your site the domain will be listed underneath Insight Tag.

To verify your domain:

You’ll have to activate the insights tag on your website.

The tag will then be displayed as active and is able to be used in your advertising campaigns.

It can take anything from a few seconds to up to 24 hours for your domain’s identity to be confirmed when you activate tags on your site.

Once you have made sure that your Insight Tag is active, you can utilize it in ads. We’ll help you configure your LinkedIn Messaging advertisements now.

How To Create A Sponsored Message Ad

The LinkedIn messaging ads aren’t too complicated however it’s beneficial to go through them with someone for the first time. We’ll take you through the process together!

  1. Sign in to Campaign Manager.
  2. Select the correct account name and the campaign group.
    • If you do not have an account, or wish to open an account using new billing details then click Create Account.
    • If you don’t have a campaign Click Create a Campaign Group.
  1. Click on the Create Campaign button located below on the tab for Accounts.
  2. Create a campaign name by clicking on the Edit icons.
  3. Confirm the Selected Campaign Group.
    • Select Use an alternative group or create an entirely new group, if you need to.
    • Campaign groups cannot be edited from this page.
  1. Click Next.
  2. Choose one of the following goals to your campaign:
    • Visits to the website
    • Lead generation
    • Conversions to websites
  1. Determine your audience’s needs in the section titled Audience.
    • Find your ideal audience by choosing the appropriate factors.
    • To make use of the previously saved targeting template, select the Saved Audiences dropdown in the section titled Audience.
    • You can apply Matched Audiences which lets you upload contact lists or company lists or retarget your audience based on website visits or ads’ engagement.

Choose the Ad the format you prefer here. We chose the Message.

Complete the Budget and Schedule along with the bidding section.

Optional Conversion Tracking.

Click Next, then Save in the Save Confirm pop-up.

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