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A Complete Guide to Sammy EMR Software

An Overview of Sammy EMR Software 

Sammy offers a robust EMR software designed primarily to help you streamline your medical practice. Sammy EMR Software appears to be an excellent choice for healthcare facilities, particularly Podiatry offices. This software may help you with everything from maintaining track of your daily calendar to supporting employees with secure communications. Altogether, Sammy EMR is an excellent software for any medical office, and its users appreciate it. 

Sammy EMR has several features that allow you to keep a digital record of medical data while running your office efficiently and productively. In this article, we’ll look through the top features, pricing, and demo of Sammy EMR, which will influence your judgment on whether or not this program is appropriate for your medical practice. Continue reading to learn more. 

Sammy EMR Demo  

During the demo, you will get a comprehensive introduction of all of Sammy EMR’s extensive capabilities. Current users also advise taking a demo because it influences your final selection. The Sammy EMR demo provides a detailed picture of the program and its different capabilities, helping you make the appropriate choice for your healthcare practice. 

Notable Features of Sammy EMR Software 

According to Sammy EMR reviews, the following are the top-rated features offered by Sammy EMR. 


The first feature is the excellent dashboard in Sammy EMR that gives you a quick summary of all your routine tasks. However, because you’ll be engaging with a dashboard most of the time, usability is crucial. As a result, the Sammy EMR dashboard is not only straightforward to use but also user-friendly. 

The vast majority of Sammy EMR reviews agree that it is an excellent feature. You can even personalize the dashboard to match your individual needs. During the Sammy EMR demo, you may assess the numerous advantages of the software’s user-friendly dashboard. 

Appointment Scheduling  

According to Sammy EMR reviews, the scheduling feature of this program allows you to maximize practice efficiency. This option also enables you to plan as many appointments as you want per day conveniently. This is because the software analyses your everyday routine and optimizes it for you. When the application does this, you can schedule as many appointments as feasible in a day, which means you can increase your overall revenue by seeing more patients. This function also helps you organize your everyday routine and tasks. 

Clinical Documentation  

Another helpful feature of Sammy EMR is the clinical documentation system. Sammy EMR makes it simple to create clinical notes. You may also utilize the automated entry tool to avoid repeating previous information and copy the last remark with a mouse click. 

According to Sammy EMR reviews, you can also use speech recognition software to convert your spoken words into quick notes. Overall, this vital function helps you spend less time typing and more time giving quality care to patients. Furthermore, this valuable tool enables you to reduce errors and increase task productivity.  

Patient Portal  

The patient portal is another essential feature of Sammy EMR that we would like to discuss. The patient portal allows the patients to check their appointments and health records. In addition, they can also utilize the portal to get information about their lab results and diagnostic reports. 

Furthermore, patients can conveniently book consultations at their leisure, picking a date and time that works best for them. Making appointments ahead of time decreases the risk of no-shows or latecomers and assures that your patient engagement numbers improve. The Sammy EMR cost includes the patient portal capability. 

Digitized Prescription  

The e-prescription feature in Sammy EMR allows you to write prescriptions for your patients electronically. You can also utilize this tool to authorize refill requests. When you do this, the prescription is promptly forwarded to your patients’ nearest pharmacy. This feature also eliminates the need for patients to come to you first to pick up their prescriptions! 

In addition, the software warns you of any potentially dangerous drug combinations.  According to Sammy EMR reviews, this feature is beneficial as it reduces the risk of manual errors. Overall, this function helps you make things easier and more convenient for both you and your patients. 

Data Management  

Another benefit of using Sammy EMR Software is the ease of saving medical data in the records. According to Sammy EMR reviews, users appreciate how the program allows you to import or export any data to patient health records so that you can store it properly. 

You may also import ultrasounds, X-rays, MRIs, pictures, and other images into specific patient charts using the Sammy EMR Software. You can utilize the EMR systems to evaluate health information, such as insights into previous medical interactions, change treatment plans, and make educated medication-related decisions, among several other things. 

Financial Management 

The claims management tool in Sammy EMR Software allows you to rectify any data entry errors. Because of this functionality, you will witness a significant decrease in declined claims while using Sammy EMR.  

Additionally, automated eligibility checks guarantee that your patients are covered by insurance. Similarly, when their information is placed into the database, it indicates that their plan is active, saving you from dealing with rejected claims. The Sammy EMR reviews show that this function is well-appreciated among users. 

Sammy EMR Cost  

The program is not expensive as compared to the market competitors. Sammy EMR cost starts monthly at $359 per provider. For EMR software, the price is relatively low, as so many features are available for your benefit. 

Our Two Bits About Sammy EMR Software  

Our comprehensive guide includes the significant aspects of the software from which you can profit. However, each practice has different demands; therefore, before scheduling a Sammy EMR demo, make a list of your requirements. 

During the Sammy EMR demo, you can test the program in real-time to see if it satisfies your requirements. Furthermore, we urge that you read as many Sammy EMR reviews as possible because they will affect your ultimate decision! 

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