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9 Luxury Resorts Around Bangalore For A Perfect Weekend


Bangalore is surrounded by some of India’s most beautiful resorts and weekend escape spots. The city’s proximity to several world-class five-star resorts has earned it a reputation as a top destination for Americans seeking a relaxing vacation. These five-star resorts are known for providing guests with unforgettable vacation experiences thanks to the harmonious blend of natural beauty and high-end amenities. If you’re looking to #RediscoverParadise, consider booking a stay at one of these five-star resorts and taking in the breathtaking scenery. Also explore unforgettable Weekend getaway from bangalore for you and your family.

We have compiled a list of the best resorts available to book at low prices to make it simple for you to select one for your next weekend getaway:

Among the best places to stay in Coorg is at the Coorg Wilderness Resort.

Coorg Wilderness Resort is one of the top high-end hotels in the Bangalore area thanks to its location in a forested area of Coorg and its breathtaking views of the surrounding undeveloped valleys. With fireplaces, heated shower floors, and private balconies, these luxurious apartments are the ideal spot to unwind and take in the scenery of the Coorg rains. You can reach the resort from Bangalore in around 5 hours and 15 minutes, and while there, you may enjoy a wide range of fun, local pursuits. This resort is one of the best of its kind because of its lavish design, excellent customer service, and delicious regional cuisine.

Area Attractions and Activities:

Walk through the peaks and valleys of Coorg.

Views of the Brahmagiri Range are breathtaking and can be seen from Talakaveri.

Visit the peaceful Bylakuppe Golden Temple and observe the coffee-making process firsthand on a tour of a coffee farm.

Come see the Dubare Elephant Camp, where all the action happens!

Chikmagalur’s Serai Resort


The Serai Chikmagalur, a five-hour drive from Bangalore, offers premium villas, big experiences, and great service, and thus, reimagines what it means to stay in a luxurious resort. Villas with private pools and stunning views of the surrounding mountains are just a few of the amenities this resort provides for its guests, who may also enjoy activities designed for groups or individuals. Furthermore, there is a wide range of things to do and see within the resort itself and its surrounding area. Make your next weekend trip one to remember by reserving a room at the luxurious Serai Resort Chikmagalur.

Resort Area Attractions:

Mullayanagiri is the highest peak in Karnataka, and a trek to the top is a must.

Trek across the valleys of Chikmagalur on a mountain bike.

Take a stroll around the coffee plantations and you’ll see the enormous farms that produce the beans.

The resort has a lovely outdoor restaurant, perfect for a romantic evening with your special someone.

Yoga at the resort is a great way to unwind and reset.

The Coorg’s Tamara Resort

Nestled in the rolling hills of Coorg, this five-star eco-resort is unlike any other. Three distinct deluxe cottages at Tamara Resort are furnished to the highest standards of comfort and elegance. Get away from the hustle and bustle of Bangalore and spend some time in a relaxing natural setting, participating in a variety of resort-sponsored activities or simply unwinding in the comfort of your accommodation. Tamara is the ideal base from which to experience the splendor of Coorg.

Resort Area Attractions:

Discover the plantation on foot. The spice farms of Coorg

Check out Ballantrae Ridge and the Pathi Pole Falls Trek if you like hiking.

Give yourself some woodland therapy with Tamara’s guided jungle walk and a session of yoga & meditation

Enjoy a romantic evening meal at the resort’s restaurant under the stars.

Enjoy some time at Tamara’s Yoga Temple for some calming meditation and yoga.

Resort in the Coorg Cliffs, Coorg

If you’re staying at the Coorg Cliff resort, your mornings will consist of gazing out over the breathtaking Coorg valleys while you enjoy a delicious meal. This five-and-a-half-hour trip from Bangalore will take you to an exquisite resort that will make your stay worthwhile. The resort’s five rooms all come with balconies and views of the coffee farms and foggy Coorg mountains. The resort also offers spectacular local experiences around the resort and some interesting activities to partake in.

Resort Area Attractions:

Experience the thrill of whitewater rafting on Coorg’s exciting rivers.

Take a safari in Nagarhole National Park to see the animals of Coorg.

Explore the trails of Tadiandamol and Mandalpatti.

Take a trip through the woods and see the native plants and animals up close.

Spend a relaxing day outside by fishing in the local pond.

Old Kent Estates Coorg

This Coorg boutique hotel has been there since the days of the British Raj. In the heart of the scenic valleys of Coorg, this hotel maintains the original British architecture while providing guests with the highest level of comfort. This resort will provide you with the vacation of a lifetime with its posh villas, private gardens, patio furniture, and authentic British decor. For the perfect weekend getaway, book a room at this tranquil luxury resort hidden among the breathtaking estates of Coorg.

Resort Area Attractions:

Visit Colonel Wright’s Study to learn more about the background of Old Kent Estates.

Indulge in a family movie night at the resort’s Leslie’s lounge.

Picnic near the picturesque Abbey Falls of Coorg with your troop

Witness the lovely green gardens and slopes at Raja’s Seat

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