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8 Tremendous Features of MIE Trak Pro: Run Your Shop Like a Pro

Are you familiar with the fact that the worldwide ERP software market has evolved from $145.44 billion to $148.37 billion from 2020 to 2021 respectively, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2%?

Well, that’s huge, depicting that the ERP software market is as broad as it’s long. 

Without a doubt, there exists a broad range of manufacturing ERP systems, with a plethora of options to choose from. But one word that makes MIE Trak Pro stand out is flexibility. 

You might be tired of using old traditional and tedious methods of storing data in spreadsheets or utilizing such ERP software that is not capable of scaling your manufacturing company. MIE Trak Pro adapts the requirements of the organizations as they grow, striking a balance between administrative control and department flexibility. 

Before diving into the remarkable features of MIE Trak Pro, let us have a quick look at the list of industries that can leverage benefits from this best ERP software. 

  • Automotive manufacturing 
  • Aerospace and defense 
  • Machine shops 
  • Sheet metal fabrication 
  • Wire and cable harness 
  • Metal stamping 
  • Job shops 
  • High tech electronics 

Consequently, the list is endless. However, let us have a deep insight into the top 8 tremendous features of MIE Trak Pro.

  • Quoting 

Quoting jobs is the most crucial part of job shops and all custom fabrication. MIE Trak Pro provides precisely defined estimating tools, granting you confidence that the prices which are offered in each quote are highly accurate. Turning around quotes swiftly is significant to enhancing job capture. MIE Trak Pro operates with large assembly quotes with 20 potential assembly levels effortlessly. Manufacturers can build quotes with thousands of purchased parts and manufacturing components, driving their team to success.  

  • Sales Orders 

Manual data entry processes are usually tedious and prone to error. Manufacturers can enter sales orders accurately, efficiently, and effectively with the help of MIE Trak Pro. With MIE Trak Pro, manufacturers can create sales orders from a quote in only a few clicks, literally in a matter of seconds. This includes numerous salespersons and commissions. The best part is users can watch everything on one screen. 

  • Work Orders 

Manufacturers can utilize the work orders feature of MIE Trak Pro for the creation of production parts, providing the facility of visibility on the shop floor. Work orders can be originated for Kanban, engineer to order, made to order, made-to-stock, and much more. MIE Trak Pro permits to create of work orders from sales order demand, reorder points, material resource planning (MRP), and automated triggers.  

  • Scheduling 

In this modern era in which we are currently living, the complete world is accommodated with artificial intelligence. Scheduling is the most important part of production management systems and scheduling systems need to be highly accurate to streamline shop operations. MIE Trak Pro offers artificial intelligence simulation tools that are extremely accurate in comparison to manual scheduling methods. 

  • Purchase Orders 

It is crucial to choose such an ERP for the manufacturing industry to deliver products cost-effectively and on time. Here, MIE Trak Pro plays a pivotal role as it offers robust purchase order tools. The purchase order module of MIE Trak Pro ensures that the customer purchases what they need at the best price.  

  • Inventory Control 

It’s very critical to manage inventory in a job shop effectively. Inventory means a hefty amount of dollars spent on product storage and maintenance. MIE Trak Pro is a simple and accurate inventory tracker software. MIE Trak Pro inventory solutions help the company generate leads. 

  • Reporting

Excellent data is equal to excellent reporting. MIE Trak Pro helps manufacturers to bring their data to life with its tremendous and easy-to-use reporting engine. it would surely be the best choice among all if you are a manufacturer and are considering acquiring ERP system implementation because it provides reliable and robust reporting functionalities.

  • Kiosk 

Are you still using tedious methods such as spreadsheets for data collection in this modern age? Now, you don’t have to. The kiosk module of MIE Trak Pro is completely integrated from the shop floor to the office, permitting manufacturers and their team instant and effortless access to open jobs and time spent on each job. 

This ERP production management software MIE Trak Pro is not only limited to 8 features only. Apart from the mentioned features, this software provides a wide range of additional features. Some of those features are as follow:

  • Machine metrics 
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Project management 
  • Product configurator 
  • Document controls 
  • Electronic sales order 
  • Job costing 
  • Electronic RFQ report 
  • Mobile warehouse 
  • Solidworks integration

So, you better not waste your time. Just browse the official website ERP implementation company MIE solutions to leverage benefits and boost your business’s productivity today!

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