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4 Things you must know about electric ducted heating and cooling

Ducted air conditioning can be your ultimate solution for comfort all year round. It has an electric ducted heating and cooling system that provides total climate control by offering thermal comfort across the entire house. The system has a centralized indoor unit installed under the floor or within the ceiling and an outdoor compressor. It works by funneling air from the central unit through concealed air ducts and providing the desired warm and cool airflow in each room. So, if you are looking to install such an air conditioning system in your house, you may want to know a little more about it.

How does ducted air conditioning work?

Ducted air conditioning works with reverse cycle technology, providing both central cooling and heating. The air circulation is zoned, allowing temperature and airflow control and heating or cooling of any zone according to your requirement. Zoning would also allow you to reduce running costs and help maintain an optimal temperature inside your house. The wall-mounted thermostat enables managing the temperature and adjusting the settings. It also has various smart features adding to the convenience of use.

When can ducted air conditioning be used?

The purchase and installation of an electric ducted heating and cooling system need a thorough review of your floor plan, home construction type, and main areas of usage. So, it is best suited for you if you want a heating or cooling system for the entire house and can control the temperature in each room. It could also be the ideal choice for you if you live in an extremely humid climate which may damage your antiques, furniture or books.

What benefits can you get from ducted air conditioning?

Electric ducted heating and cooling may offer multiple benefits. They are listed below:

  • Ducted air conditioning manages warm or cold airflow throughout your home, ensuring comfort in stifling summers and freezing winters.
  • The zoning feature enables ideal airflow and optimum temperature. You can adjust heating and cooling in each room or shut down zones to save energy. The use of zoning helps in reducing running costs by treating the necessary rooms as per requirements.
  • Ducted air conditioning does not interfere with the aesthetics of your room by remaining concealed under the floor or on the roof. However, the vents can be visible, which can merge with your decor when coloured and styled accordingly.
  • Ducted air conditioners can last several years with adequate routine maintenance.

How much can a ducted air conditioner cost you?

Ducted air conditioning is considered to be a comprehensive climate control solution. Hence, it has a comparatively higher installation cost than other air conditioners. In addition to the outdoor compressor and the central unit, you need to consider additional costs like the prices of air ducts, drainage systems, wiring costs and labour charges.

The price of a system usually varies from home to home. Hence, ducted work gives a warranty at a fixed price. It will enable you to have a clear expectation about the cost, thereby eliminating the chances of getting hit by hidden fees. You can also avail various interest-free payment plans with zero upfront and pay at the rate that suits your budget and time.

Your home should speak of your comfort and ease. Installing ducted air conditioning will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the year, and making such a wise choice may help you save costs in the long run.

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