11 Best Organisational Hacks to Speed Up Your Unpacking During House Shifting

Once you have accomplished the mammoth task of house shifting, it is time for another concrete chore; unpacking. In this article, I have provided you with the 11 best organizational hacks to speed up your unpacking during house shifting. If you adhere to the following pointers, you will not have to wrestle around with the unpacking process. So, without any further ado, keep reading the below-mentioned hacks:

1. Move nothing apart from the essentials

As I already told you that we will be discussing a few organizational aspects that we have to carry out before the house shifting. This part of the task has to be done before the move takes place. You need to de-clutter your house as you prepare for the house shifting. Separate out the inessentials from your house and sell or donate the things that can be reused. As for the rest of the pointless items in your house, toss them out before the move. Keeping your move light and crisp helps you to reduce the moving cost. Besides, it is easy to manage fewer items while packing, moving, and unloading.

2. Prepare an essentials bag before the move

Preparing an essentials bag is a task that you have to do while you prepare for your move before the house shifting. The essentials bag should have all the basic needs to get you through the first few days of your move. Pack the essentials like some basic toiletries, towels, bedspreads, fresh clothes, undergarments, a first aid kit, some disposable cutleries, and some cleaning supplies. If you have these essentials in a single packing box, you will not need to hunt down the other boxes in search of the essentials. You can unpack the rest of the boxes according to your plan.

3. Label the boxes

When you prepare for the move, you need to label each of the packing boxes as soon as they get packed one by one. Label them with a marker pen or artist’s tape in different colours. Assign each room with a different colour and stick that particular-coloured tape on the surface of the box. This will enable you to identify the room these boxes belong to during the unloading process. If you hire a moving company, the packers and movers will be able to conduct the unloading in an organized manner. This will help you unpack faster later on.

4. Strategies for an unpacking schedule

Make a schedule for the unpacking process. You cannot execute the unpacking without a plan; at least not faster. So, make sure that you have a plan ready before you start with the execution. I will recommend you to start with the kitchen and then unpack the bedrooms, bathrooms, and then the living room.

5. Unload the boxes in the dedicated rooms

As I already stated before, you need to label your boxes on the day of the move. That particular task will prove handy when you unload the boxes in the dedicated rooms. If you have opted for assistance from the packers and movers Mumbai to Jaipur for your move, they will unload the boxes in their respective rooms. You don’t have to check and get the boxes piled up in a single room and this will speed up the unpacking process.

6. Start with the necessities

When you start unpacking, you should start with the necessities. The most logical move will be to start unpacking from the kitchen. You will need to prepare meals for yourself and your family. You cannot eat from the takeaway joints for a whole week. So, whenever you need to cook, you will need utensils. Start unpacking from the kitchen.

7. Unpack one room at a time

Don’t fumble around as you unpack. When you start unpacking the kitchen, complete unpacking all the boxes containing kitchen items. Then you can start unpacking another room. If you unpack one room at a time, you can concentrate better and the process will be speedy.

8. Chalk out the positioning of the belongings before unpacking them

Before starting with the unpacking process, you need to figure out which belonging goes where in the house. You need to keep your furniture, home appliances, other equipment, wall fixtures, artworks, smaller items, etc. in a certain way. You have to keep the aesthetics and the functionality of the goods in your mind. If you plan their positions first, you can unpack them faster.

9. Unpacking your kitchen

When you unpack the kitchen, open the box containing the pantry items like flour, rice, grains, pulses, packaged food items, jams, pickles, oils, etc. You should keep these items in their respective jars, containers, and bottles. Later on, you can proceed with the electrical appliances followed by pots and pans plates, cups, dishes, bowls, glasses, etc.

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10. Unpacking your bedroom

While you unpack the bedrooms, you may not be able to do everything in the first week itself. Take your time in decorating the bedrooms but initially, you should spread out the mattresses on the floor and spread out a fresh bed sheet from your overnight box. You will need to crash down at the end of the day after all the household chores.

11. Unpacking your bathroom

While unpacking your bathroom in the initial stage, bring out the toiletries from your overnight bag and keep them on the bathroom shelves. Make sure that you have a face wash, soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, moisturizer, a dental kit, and a shaving kit. You need to take a bath to freshen up at the end of the day and make sure that you have all the toiletries in place.

The Conclusion

Unpacking your boxes after a house shifting is not one of the best experiences in your life; it is one of the most complicated of that, I am sure. But if you know the right ways to unpack your house, you can accomplish the mission without much struggle. Follow the above-mentioned 11 best organizational hacks to speed up your unpacking during house shifting. All the best!


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