10 Basic Parts Care to Pass an MOT Birmingham

Check out the mirror, tire, wiper, lights, etc to pass the test. But before going ahead you must choose a reliable MOT center, go for MOT Birmingham in such cases. 

Examine the 10 Parts and Ensure Passing MOT 

Once again, an MOT due date has arrived. Before going for the test, you should examine important parts of a car. The common causes of MOT failure are broken light bulbs, tyres, mirrors, wipers, and washers. Additionally, more than half of all MOTs may be easily prevented with routine, easy maintenance, being ready for your MOT is essential to save you money and the hassle of repairs down the road. In this manual, we go through 10 easy strategies to assist you to improve your MOT passing prospects with basic maintenance you must do.

Of course, your car will pass an MOT test when you ensure that every part of the car is in working condition, especially the parts that usually become the reason for failure. But before going ahead you must choose a reliable MOT center, go for MOT Birmingham in such cases. 

  • Lights:

To pass an MOT, you should examine the light bulb including headlights (on full and dipped beams), side lamps, daytime running lights, hazard warning lights, and fog lights. You can ask for help to examine all the lights since it is a little daunting to examine all lights on your own. You may get a spare bulb at your neighborhood garage or auto accessories shop if one of your lights has failed. If any of your lights seem to be starting to lose their brightness, do stocking up on bulbs.

  • Tyres:

 Examining a tyre is very simple since you have to look for any damage with your naked eyes. As a result, you will go for repair or replacement. Simply try to place a coin between grooves, eventually, it makes it simple to determine whether your tyres meet the legal requirement of 1.6mm of tread depth. If the coin is stable between the grooves, your car will not fail the test because of tyres.  Also, look for cracks, bulges, cuts, and other wear and tear and if there are any, fix them out.  

  • Rear Mirror:

Ensure that your visibility is perfectly fine. In keeping with the significance of back vision, obscuring the driver’s sight is another frequent MOT failure. Experts do caution against hanging anything from the rear-view mirror, such as air fresheners, as this might lead to an immediate failure. Does your car have a dash camera? If yes,  ensure it is securely mounted and that all of the connections and cabling are properly covered so they are not in your line of sight.

  • Windscreen:

 Having a clear front vision is essential when driving. You should check your windscreen for any scratches and breaks that might impair your vision. Although windscreen chips are unlikely to fail an MOT. They may do so if they are 40mm or greater or obstruct your view. Additionally, your windshield wipers must be in excellent working order for you to see properly in any weather. A new windshield wiper motor is likely necessary if you start to notice that your wiper blades are moving either slowly or not at all compared to what is planned.

  • Oil:

To prevent expensive problems on the road, especially in the long run, you must maintain fuel levels. Your preferred MOT service can do emissions testing as long as there is enough gasoline and engine oil. Oil leaks are common, so find out leaks or levels of fluids if any, before going for the MOT. 

  • Seat or Seat Belts:

To guarantee that the legs are at a convenient and secure distance, the seat should be simple to move front and back. whether it is a front seat seatbelt or back seat, they must be in working condition. If you’re facing difficulty moving your car seat or are not able to be intact with seatbelts, go for repair. 

Besides the above 6 parts of a car, you have to examine brake fluid, warning lights, horn, and battery. Also, understand the importance of cleanliness too; interior or exterior. Maybe the primary reminder to examine specific automotive components comes from the need for an MOT Birmingham. To assist preserve your car’s performance and make it safe, keep up with your vehicle maintenance year-round. Skipping routine maintenance on your car might lead to creating many issues. Your vehicle price, performance, and most importantly safety will be down, as a result, maintain your vehicle 365 days.

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