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Why Is Basic First Aid Knowledge Important 

There are many reasons why a lot of people don’t take First Aid training programs. Some of these include: 

  • They are just too busy 
  • They are not sure where they can go 
  • They think they already have sufficient knowledge, or 
  • They are under the impression that an accident won’t happen to them or their colleagues, family, or friends 

If you ask any person that has attended a First Aid training course if they thought it was worth it, their answer is usually “Yes!”. Knowing about the basics of first aid is vital, and here are the 5 reasons why: 

It Does More Than Help To Save Lives 

It is obvious that first aid knowledge or training could help to save a life. But there is more. Administering immediate first aid can assist in reducing the recovery time of the person or make a difference when it comes to a person having a long-term or temporary disability. 

It will teach you how to stay calm in an emergency situation and you will learn the simple acronyms that will assist in recalling the steps you should be taking. First aid training can make you more comfortable and confident and for this reason, more in control and effective when you have to be. Check also first aid providers for events if you need them. 

It Helps You To Increase The Comfort Of The Patient 

Not every illness, injury, or accident will involve having to take a person to the hospital, but this doesn’t mean they are not associated with suffering or pain to a patient. A child that is crying due to a grazed knee or with a high fever will be suffering and in pain. When you know the right way to act, even just by following a few simple techniques like applying ice packs correctly or using the appropriate bandaging can help to relieve discomfort or pain. 

You will also learn how to offer emotional support when you remain collected and calm, which can help the person to feel a bit more secure and to lower their anxiety or stress levels. 

It can offer the tools you need to stop a situation from becoming a lot worse. In certain situations when a patient hasn’t received immediate first-aid care, their situation is going to deteriorate, and this can happen rapidly. When you are able to offer basic care, you can stabilise the patient up until an emergency medical service has arrived. You will also find out about using items around your home as tools when you don’t have a first aid kit available, which means you will learn how to cope when faced with many different situations. 

You will also receive training on how to gather data and information about what has happened and the condition of the patient. You can then pass this information to an emergency service, which will help them to save time. This could mean that you become a very valuable link when it comes to the survival of the patient. 

It Gives You The Confidence To Provide Care 

When you complete a first aid basic training course you will feel more confident about your abilities and skills when it comes to administering first aid. When you go for first aid training, it can help you to self-reflect and how others or you will react in different situations. When you gain this understanding it will boost your self-esteem and confidence when it comes to a range of day-to-day, non-medical situations. 

It Can Encourage Safe And Healthy Living 

When you go on a first aid training course you will learn that you first need to make sure you are safe and looked after before you help anyone else. This does not mean that you are being selfish, it rather means that you are practical. When you are safe, it puts you in a better position to assist others. 

The course will also involve learning about why healthy living is important and how choices and habits relating to your lifestyle can decrease or increase your risks when it comes to developing issues like diabetes or coronary heart disease. This information can make you a lot more aware when it comes to your health as well as alert to any potential hazards when you are in certain surroundings. 


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