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Why Hire Top Talented Offshore Developers for your next Projects?

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Some organizations flourish under pressure, coming up with novel solutions to problems. When the worldwide pandemic struck, companies were obliged to accelerate their digital journey at an unprecedented rate. Depending on the size and nature of the organization, this needed a high level of creativity. A new wave of remote solutions had taken over the globe, from online workout sessions to food delivery applications. Offshore software development has been rising in popularity in the years leading up to the epidemic. Let’s take a look at why hiring offshore developers with the new normal will alter this terrain. 

Why Hire Offshore Developers for Your Startup?

The reasons for organizations favor software development outsourcing over in-house development are as follows:

It is a low-cost product development strategy. 

According to Quartz, 37% of startups fail due to a lack of funds. However, if you hire offshore developers, this problem is unlikely to occur. You will not be spending your money on things like office rent, wages, insurance benefits, vacations, recruiting expenses, and so forth. Instead, you will direct the funds to the most binding domain – the creation of an MVP. Furthermore, because of the lower cost of living, the rates of developers in offshore countries are typically much lower than those of their counterparts in the United States and India.

Productivity has increased and time has been saved. 

A team of offshore software developers can not only cut costs but also speed up the development process, saving you valuable time. As you already know, time is crucial for any startup because each startup is born in a competitive setting. Furthermore, with a dedicated team of web developers,  you will not have to waste time training new staff because each outsourced developer already has their talent in place. 

Finally, you will not have to spend time on project management routines or HR operations such as staff retention because a vendor development business will handle all of those chores for you. As a result, you will be completely focused on your work.


It will be difficult to increase your-inhouse team or modify the technological stack in accordance with the stage and scope of the project. However, such shifts are common in startup contexts, thus adaptability is essential. The good news is that outsourced developers are adaptable, and you can simply switch them between projects, especially if you work with them through a dev shop. 

There are fewer disputes. 

Startups are generally the outcome of personal interactions between co-founders that blossom into commercial partnerships. Business contacts may differ from personal interactions, which can lead to disagreements and misunderstandings. For instance, a guy you’ve known for years may exhibit a dar part of his personality while conducting business. However, hiring Offshore software developers might assist you in avoiding such disagreements throughout the MVP development stage. 


When Is the Most Appropriate Time for Offshore Software Development?

You can outsource teams at any stage of development, including after it has been completed. Let’s look more closely:

Recruit Offshore Business Consultants During the Project Discovery Phase

If you have a vague concept of what type of software you want but have no knowledge of the market, feature set, or design, now is the time to hire offshore programming staff. They will investigate the demands of users and rivals, create a list of features and design standards, and assist you in planning the development process, including the task and technology set, deadlines, and budget.

When You Have Defined Your Idea, Hire an Offshore Development Team

If you have previously completed the preceding procedures, you may begin your search for an offshore software development team. They will take the concept from paper to working software with a gorgeous design. You may also engage a project manager to ensure that everything runs well in terms of time, tasks, and money. In this manner, you will be able to concentrate on the business aspect rather than the details.

Hire an Offshore Tech Partner to Help You Refine and Scale Your Product

Even if your program has already been completed and launched, you can still benefit from offshore software engineering. There are issues to be fixed, as well as performance to be improved. To stay up with the competition, you may also need to offer new features. You will not be relevant for long if you do not do frequent fixes and upgrades. Offshore teams can accomplish it for less money and with a higher level of quality. Because they frequently work on a variety of projects, they are also likely to offer new valuable ideas that they have previously developed someplace.

Hire Dedicated Offshore Software Developers From ManekTech 

Furthermore, there are currently around 2.7 billion unique smartphone users. Almost all users spend over 90% of their time on their phones exploring various apps. Businesses with a strong dedicated web or mobile app development team may easily lead the IT industry from the front and gain a sizable market share. 

A well-designed app may catapult your company to new heights by giving a new channel for brand promotion. Software development is a valuable tool that may assist you in identifying and capitalizing on market possibilities with millions of dollars every day. 

Leverage ManekTech’s world-class development expertise with an in-house team to convert your business idea into a reality. From promising startups to Fortune 500 companies, we are working with everyone to provide commendable offshore software development services.


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