Top factors to consider when selecting the best CBSE school

Education is the fundamental right of every child. It is considered the utmost responsibility of parents to ensure that their kids get the best education. In this regard, selecting a suitable educational institution can be defined as the most vital decision you need to make as a parent. The CBSE school you select for your children determines the course of their future. In other words, selecting a school determines the potential of your child. Along with nurturing their skills and enabling them to become the changemaker of the future.

But how can you decide upon the best school for your child? How can you understand if a school fits his requirements? You must consider numerous aspects before finally deciding on a particular school for your kid.

Conducive learning environment 

When you are shortlisting a CBSE school for your little one,

The first priority as a parent is to identify a particular space that encourages the growth and development of children. And, this is possible only when there is a positive learning environment in the school. Accompanied by supportive teachers who help in inculcating the best values in children.

Kids can flourish and grow in an environment where they feel cared for and secure. So, as a parent, it’s your responsibility to evaluate the safety practices and measures followed in the school you are planning to select for your child. Find with the school authority about the steps taken against harassment, bullying, and punishment. Also, do not forget to find out whether the space prioritizes the students’ well-being while ensuring that they feel completely protected.

Plus, the school should have state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure. With the modernization of the world, it’s also quintessential that schools are updated and well-equipped with modern educational practices and devices. As a parent it’s important to understand that the more inspiring a school is, the better it will be for the career of your child. You can check out the best schools near Bannerghatta Road.

Leader’s management – Guided by a leader

“Leadership is the challenge to be something more than average”.

A school is responsible for nurturing a kid into a fine adult. When you are shortlisting a school, make sure that it has an incredible leader at its helm. The principal of the school should be trained as well as in the position to empower, inspire and improve the performances of students.

They should manage data, people, and processes for the advantage of the school. Being the primary influence source, the students and teachers are laid by the path shown by the principal.

Therefore, a leader is responsible for shaping the academic success of a school, while developing and encouraging a positive ambiance.

Trained and capable teachers

If you want to provide a complete learning experience to your child, make sure that he is monitored by professionals and well-trained teachers. Therefore, the personality, behavior, and outlook of a teacher should always steer the kids towards making the best and maximum use of their school time. In addition, teachers are entirely responsible for nurturing children to be their best selves.

When shortlisting schools, it’s important to find out whether the teachers have proper academic achievements, crls, and reputation – it’s really a great way to start. After all, you are trusting the school authority with the future of your child. It’s suggested to select a school that has qualified teachers. Do not forget to find out about the teacher-student ratio because overcrowded classrooms lead to a lack of individual attention. When the teacher-student ratio is appropriate it provides a great chance for children to flourish and grow in their unique way.

Future-ready curriculum

When you send your child to the best CBSE school in Bangalore, it’s to empower them for a better future tomorrow. Learning is no longer limited to theoretical knowledge. The best schools nowadays focus on the practical application of theoretical knowledge for better inculcation. Apart from academic engagement, a school must focus on co-curricular activities to fuel the holistic growth of children with multiple in-house programs to build essential skills.

When children participate in creative activity, it helps in developing their intellectual capability, which in turn provides them an edge. Hence, it’s advisable to select a school that assists in inculcating leadership skills in children as well as results in personal and social development. It develops their interests in ethics while teaching them independence and responsibilities.


The GIIS located in Bangalore can be the one-stop destination for your children. The school started its journey in 2002 and continued to spread world-class education over six different countries. The prime vision of GIIS is to become a global role model for learning and teaching. Therefore, you can trust the school authority with the future of your precious child. Along with excellent teaching methodologies, the school focuses on extra-curricular activities for the overall development of children.


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