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Top 8 Points to Consider while Hiring Pimcore Developer

In today’s scenario, the digital store is very common. Maintaining data is a big challenge for store owners. Pimcore comes with a solution where the store owners can solve most of the problems.

Pimcore is an open-source platform with data and experience management capabilities built-in. It’s like having a developer, e-commerce and marketing staff all in one place.

The technical part is also very simple. The language Pimcore uses is PHP and the database management system is MySql and Maria DB.

Why do we need Pimcore?

You can effortlessly maintain product information, multi-channel publication and your e-commerce solution with Pimcore. That is why so many marketers use it not just to update and manage web content but also for publishing data and information. It also includes making catalogs as well as price sheets using the web-to-print feature.

What are the benefits of Pimcore in E-commerce?

  • Adding Pimcore PIM will consolidate all of your existing product data along with this, it also organizes data. After that, efficiently process it throughout the entire company.
  • Adding Pimcore PIM will consolidate all of your existing product data and organize it.
  • With all data organized, you’ll be able to reduce launch time. Syncing protects time when launching new products. As well as, changes information about existing ones.
  • Enabling PIM will support your omnichannel strategy. You can deliver product information to multiple output channels. This is done in all required formats, quality standards, and product attributes.

So, to hire Pimcore developer any organization should keep the following vital points in consideration. 

What are the core capabilities of Pimcore developer?

The Pimcore developer can consolidate DAM, PIM, and CMS. They can also make all use of Pimcore capabilities for business growth.

Following are the factors where any Pimcore developer can work.

1. Requirement Gathering

Before doing any kind of coding in Pimcore, the developer should know what he needs to develop. Requirement gathering should be discuss with the client at the very first step.

2. CMS Development and Consultation

The developers offer in-depth consultations in which they explain why and how you should use Pimcore. Which will be useful for CMS solutions that are designed, developed, and deployed.
Pimcore developers are skilled in Zend Framework, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, and ExtJS, among other programming languages. In all these platforms we have a development skill set team. Our crew is skilled and experienced in these platforms. Thanks to their enthusiasm and forward thinking.

3. Web Content Management

Developers can develop their online presence by creating websites, microsites, mobile sites, responsive sites, mobile applications. All these platforms are embed with each other. They are linked with multilingual support and intuitive interfaces. Along with this enterprise-class capabilities, advanced and bespoke marketing tools, compelling custom content, and more. Developers should also know about the symphony for a web application framework.

4. Digital Asset Management

Pimcore developers should be hands-on with built-in style editors and built-in image editors. The skilled team includes widgets, responsive design and makes content uploading simple and rational. As a result, you should streamline your digital assets.

5. Product Information Management

On the Pimcore platform, users can connect each piece of data. So that their business can be conveniently control from a single location. This syncing is done with extensive product attributes. The products can be sync through API integration.

6. Quality Control

Pimcore developers must follow the best quality testing standard to give outstanding results.

7. The trial at work station

This is where you get a true sense of what it’s like to perform independently. Trial projects allow us to assess your job, communication, and effectiveness. While also determining our mutual compatibility.

For unit testing, the framework PHP unit is need to know by the developer. This is the testing framework of where the testing is done.

This also shows that all the requirements are also complete. User will give all these details.

8. Deployment Factors

Pimcore developer is responsible for deployment too. He should check that website or check is it responsive on all kinds of devices or not.


E-commerce and Pimcore are very syncing to each other. It creates your product catalog. Which gets distributes to multiple channels. Pimcore also makes the product information fast and effective for use. So, the Pimcore developer should be familiar with all the capabilities of the Pimcore while working on it.

Pimcore developers should be good in custom module development. They can sync or conjunction of the module into e-solution.

A good skill Pimcore developer can be a factor to increase your business growth. They can increase productivity with business re-engineering. Along with this, improve the business process model. The improved business gives a hike to the business.

It also reduces the total cost of the ownership. This will be responsible to generate the revenue of the company.

So we can say that Pimcore is one of the vital factors to increase the company’s growth. This increases the number of customers to your eCommerce website. By decreasing bounce rate and giving you real-time syncing. This is done from the backend of the Pimcore to the digital store’s frontend.


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