The new Kawasaki Ninja is here!

The new Kawasaki Ninja is here!

In the early 1980s, when there were few alternatives in. The fashionable and powerful bike category, a brand was born that completely. Demolished boredom and ushered in a new era of cycling with its name. Yes, we’re referring to the Kawasaki Ninja. 

Since their arrival, these motorcycles have been a. Top priority for all riders, and they are. Still regarded as automotive masterpieces. So, what makes these vehicles so distinct in the industry? Why should one pick this bike over others? What are the key features of this machine? Let’s find out why this is such an outstanding motorcycle and where you can get the best Kawasaki Ninja for sale in Canada.

The best in the segment

This Kawasaki Ninja for sale is a very sporty-looking bike with several extra features than the other motorcycles in its class. Its aerodynamic appearance, strong
engine, slipper clutch, and so on are some of the key factors that influence buyers’ decisions. But first, let’s look at some of the unique characteristics that make it stand out:

Rider-friendly posture:

This Kawasaki Ninja for sale
takes every opportunity to satisfy the demands of riders when it comes to seat comfort and the desired riding posture. The Ninja achieves that sporty look that makes it so popular among people thanks on account of those rear sets of foot-pegs positioned precisely to complement the rider. This also allows the user to easily place their elbows in an aerodynamic position while remaining stress-free at the same time. The knees are also allowed plenty of area around the fuel tank, providing comfort for the rider.

Top-notch Clutch:

The new model of the Kawasaki Ninja for sale
also has a slipper clutch. When a motorcyclist shifts down several gears in a hurry, the slipper clutch activates, throwing the wheel into a spin and sending the rider off-guard. The slipper clutch serves many purposes by allowing the rider to have more control while also facilitating fast gear changes.

Swanky looks:

Since its debut, the Ninja has attained significant popularity among youth due to its colorful appearance and functions. The front fascia stands out because of its sharp twin headlights and a V-shaped pointer visor with a hard-hued back mirror that gives it an energetic and sporty appearance. It also includes dual lamp headlights with a Daytime running function as well as a multifunctional display screen.

Beast-like engine:

The Ninja nowadays comes standard with a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke parallel twin 296cc, 8 valve engine with an advanced fuel injection system. With 38.5 Bhp of peak power at 11000 RPM and 27 Nm of peak torque at 10000 rpm, this powerful animal has plenty of peps.

Smooth handling

The Kawasaki Ninja for sale longer wheelbase and adequate ground clearance make it more stable and turn-friendly, providing the rider with every comfort. It is completely grounded during highway excursions thanks to its long wheelbase and sophisticated suspension system.


Ever since these bikes have arrived in the market, they’ve conquered the whole bike fraternity by storm. Be it the looks, sound, style, everything is just top-notch. That’s why they have been a hot topic for riders ever since they’ve been introduced in the market. The actual emotions of a rider cannot be explained in just some lines here. These beasts can be called the undisputed kings of the market. 

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