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The Benefits of a Solar Generator and How to Prepare Your Family for a Power Outage

It can be easy to take electricity for granted. You spend your day around critical devices and tools powered by electricity. Yet it can all go away during a power outage. There’s no built-in alternative to supply you with power when the grid fails. You have to prepare for this situation on your own. Keeping yourself and your family safe in a blackout is important. You could lose heat, food, light, and medical devices in this kind of situation. Tools like a solar generator and a solar flashlight are essential. Here are the necessary steps to take to prepare for this worst-case scenario.

Identify Any Critical Devices

To prepare for a power outage, make a list of your most essential devices. This way, you can figure out how strong a generator you need to power them. At the top of your list should be critical medical equipment, like a CPAP or personal oxygen machine. You don’t want to be without your important medical aides when you lose power.

The next part of your list should consist of devices that are useful but not critical to your well-being. Items like a mini-fridge, cell phone, and radio can all contribute to your preparedness. Decide which of these items you want to keep powered. You might have to prioritize which devices you use and for how long. Upgrading to a larger solar generator can solve this problem, because you’ll have more than enough power for almost all your smaller electronics.

Prepare a Different Power Source Like a Solar Generator

Now that you have a list of the devices you want to power, you can start planning how you will provide this power. Remember, none of your outlets are going to work. A solar generator is a great way to provide power in an outage. You don’t have to store dangerous gas. You also won’t have to deal with fumes and noise from a gas generator. A mini generator powered by the sun can be recharged over and over, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power.

You need to find a power generator that fits all your needs. A mini generator is great for portability and smaller devices. A solar generator with an 1,800-watt output can cycle appliances like a fridge or freezer to prevent your food from spoiling. A larger generator isn’t as portable, but it is much more powerful.

Plan to Stay Warm During Cold Nights

1 of the biggest dangers of a power outage is a loss of heat. Especially in the winter, your home can drop to low temperatures. You need to prepare for this scenario. There are a couple of different ways to do this. First, you should have plenty of extra blankets, coats, and gloves stored away in your closets. Sleeping bags are also helpful because they keep your body heat contained.

Another way to stay warm is to have a small space heater on hand. Your backup generator can power a small space heater. While it won’t keep your entire home toasty, it can warm up rooms and keep the temperature at a more comfortable level. Your solar generator can soak up the sun’s rays during the day and power your heater at night.

Have Backup Food that Won’t Spoil

When the power goes out, your fresh food is likely to spoil. Instead of relying on canned food and crackers, look into emergency food kits. These packages are designed to stay good on your shelf for up to 25 years if stored properly. Additionally, you can find food kits with enough food for 2 weeks or up to a year. If you are preparing for a power outage, you should have enough food for each person for a month. You never know how long it will last. Many of these food kits require heating. Be sure to have an electric stove you can power with your solar generator.

Another good thing about high-quality survival food kits is that they taste delicious. Other non-perishable food might get boring quickly. Look for food kits that include tasty recipes like macaroni and cheese, black bean burgers, and vanilla pudding. These will give you something to enjoy while the power is out.

Stay Connected and Provide Updates

A critical line of communication is necessary for blackouts. You need to get updates from first responders and news agencies. Also, you should keep in touch with your friends and family, so they don’t have to worry about your well-being.

There are 2 important devices that keep you connected. First, keep a radio on hand. An emergency solar radio is useful because it doesn’t take batteries. You charge it using the sun and can listen for important news updates. Second, you should keep a cell phone charged for emergencies. Whether you need to contact first responders or just call your extended family, a phone isn’t just handy, it’s a must-have device. A solar powered flashlight with red S.O.S. lights can also help you signal nearby emergency services if you find yourself in a dire situation.

Don’t Forget the Small Things Like a Solar Powered Flashlight

There are a few things you might not think about preparing for when you lose power. What will you do to stay busy? How will you entertain your family? In fact, answering these questions will help make your experience as stress-free as possible. For entertainment, keep a selection of fun books on hand. Whether novels or coloring books, these will provide power-free entertainment. Keep a solar powered flashlight on hand so you can have light to read your books with the power out.

Arts and crafts can help keep hands and minds occupied. Have your children work on craft projects to keep them focused on the task at hand. This will also help the time pass faster. Plus, everyone will be in a good mood, even without television and video games.

About 4Patriots

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