The 4 Best Melee Item Modifiers in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Some powerful Item Modifiers in Diablo 2 Resurrected can help us build a strong character. Your choice of prop modifiers will be influenced not only by your build style but also by your gameplay. Some gear modifiers are best for ranged builds, while some item properties are better for melee builds. Below we’ll introduce you to some of the best melee item modifiers.

Cannot Be Frozen mod

Each building relies on physical attacks to deal damage and kill enemies. Once you are frozen, your attack speed will be significantly reduced. This means you can barely launch any attacks and deal damage. This is why your character cannot be frozen.

You can use the Raven Frost ring to get mods that cannot be frozen. Of course, you can also use other d2r ladder items instead, such as using equipment with runes.

Because runes can suddenly become more valuable, we do not recommend using them as a source that cannot be frozen. But if you’re rich enough, you can put a rune on a piece of equipment, which will make you unfrozen.

DMG Modifiers

Use DMG Modifiers to modify Crushing Blow, Chance To Open Wounds, Critical Strike, or Critical Strike. Now let’s discuss how these three damage modifiers work.

Crushing Blow

Whenever you happen to do a Shatter Strike attack, it’s doing a percentage of the enemy’s HP as damage. The Shatter Strike option is ideal for most melee characters and buildings, so it’s a very valuable option.

Chance To Open Wounds

It will open a wound on your enemy and will shed a certain amount of damage every second depending on their HP. In these cases, it can be very useful to have open wound modifiers on your attacks. It’s also very good in PVP and PVM situations. For example, these types of characters, don’t have a high life count. Whenever you cut them, they start to bleed and you’ll drop to very low HP fairly quickly. So this is a very useful mod as a modifier for your damage attack.

Deadly Strike

If you look at Mace Mastery, it gives a 30 chance of a critical strike, and a critical strike has the same effect as a critical strike. Amazon classes happen to have similar masteries, so they all have the same effect. When you do a critical or critical strike, you do double damage. So you can imagine how beneficial this is, of course, the higher the better, and eventually, you can try stacking these three elements together.

Raw Damage

It beats the route damage output of really strong damage-dealing weapons like a breath of the dying for example – this runeword can be extremely strong if you do it properly in a very high-end bass with some percentage of enhanced damage. It also has to be ethereal, so you can maximize the damage output and weapons like that or even very good uniques which also happen to spawn material, there are also different Diablo 2 runewords that you can make for mercenary weapons. Nothing beats the Raw Damage output which you’re going to get from a weapon.

Nothing of the options which are set underneath baits, the raw damage output coming from your weapon, of course, there’s also different ways to get some raw damage boosts like having a percentage of enhanced damage coming from different pieces of gear or jewels things like that. So basically nothing beats the raw damage output if you want to do more damage as simple as that.

Attack Rating

With a better attack rating, you can deal more damage. Doing so much is never enough if you don’t have an attack rating to back it up. In other words, you will not launch any attacks on the enemy. If you always miss, then the damage you do won’t matter.

That’s why it’s so important to have a high attack rating or ignore the target defense option. There isn’t a build that doesn’t benefit from a better attack rate percentage. This is the main reason why attack rating is the most important option among the other options nothing is more important. In other words, you can deal insane damage, have massive attack speed, devastating blows, and more. But if you always miss the target, you can’t make any attacks, you can never kill them.

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