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SugarCRM Email to Lead: Simple way to create Records Faster

One of the most rudimentary tasks in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is making records. Unfortunately, many of you turn it into a Complicated method. How? They create records manually one by one. This not only takes your quality time but also turns it into a challenging one. Chances are a little high of human error as well. To dilate your activity, we launched SugarCRM Email to Lead Product. But how is it going to assist you? Get ready to know each of the details below with the functionalities as well. 

SugarCRM Email to Lead Definition

A Front-line Extension for your SugarCRM software that allows you to create and update records in modules automatically for you. Users don’t need to pay attention when making records. This extension will handle this with no error. We believe you receive a myriad amount of emails from your potential customers. Rather than manually making records, use this product for your business handling. 

For example One of your clients is giving so much time every day to making records that he avoids a few of its priority tasks. If you keep yourself busy in the record creation process then who is going to handle other critical tasks? Every work is essential. If completed on time it gives you great ROI and efficiency. So, for this record-making process in SugarCRM software, endeavor for an Email to Leads add-on from us. It saves countless hours and you can do every task more simply just as you wanted. 

  • This Plugin is for Unlimited Users.
  • You can start with a 3 Day Risk-Free Trial 
  • We can provide you with Lifetime Support

Well, making records faster and in a simple way is everyone’s priority. So, this Extension of Sugar is for all businesses. Real-Estate CRM businesses, Call center industry, Hotel industry, etc can try this rich plugin now. Keep your business bucket full of Time-saving Products. 

All Biggest Functionalities of Email to Leads Extension

Does this Add-on coax your business to purchase it first? If yes, make sure to understand the complete functions below- 

  • Start with the best functionality and it saves time and the manual effort of every individual. Because everything will be done automatically for you in creating and updating records. Keep closer attention on other essential works now. 
  • The Second functionality of the SugarCRM Email to Lead product is the “Fetch Emails option”. You can select the option and get the emails of your clients according to your requirement. You will find options such as All-New, Unseen, After Plugin Installation, and the list goes on. 
  • Earlier, we guess you were restricted to a particular module for making records from Inbound emails to Sugar. If you invest in our Plugin for your business you can make records in any module like Leads, Contacts, etc. Make in any module and complete tasks swiftly. 
  • The Next core Functionality of the Email to Leads extension is “Mapping of Fields”. How is it going to help your business? This feature will help your CRM software to parse the inbound email information. After that, it will select the fields with their default value. Simple and Top-most benefit! 
  • This Extension enables you in catching Duplicate records. When your customer sends another email with the same email address and subject line, you will be notified of the duplication functionality. It is important because nobody wants to create endless duplicate records in their CRM system. 
  • When going for the Customer Source Settings option a user can save the email address of the FROM field. Ultimately, if a user gets business information from different fields, switch off the “No Email key” option. 
  •  On a daily basis, your business department team copies the data of incoming emails of your potential customers. They do this to build the important records in the Lead module. Well, an effortless plugin like SugarCRM Email to Lead is ready to take this burden and ease your efforts. The key role of this add-on is to do record creation and everything will be done automatically for you.

Current Pricing of Email to Lead Plugin

Buy now with the Best Price of $669.00 to get exceptional benefits in your CRM. We can also provide you with a Free Product Tour. It enables you to get everything easily about Installation and Configuration. 

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