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Rfid technology and its best applications

Since radio frequency identification technology appeared, the number of uses that have been found for it is immense . So much so that there are those who claim that hundreds of them can be listed.Some are very specific, while others are using rfid technology very extensively. For this reason, we have prepare a list with some of the fields in which it is generalizing.

Advanced ID Cards

Many identification documents have an RFid chip to store information. These not only include personal data such as the identity of the person who carries it. You can also record new information, with which to know the profile of each one. Some hospitals use them so that doctors can see what treatment is being follow. Also the status of each case and its evolution, as well as the preferences of the patient.


Document authentication

The forgery of official documents seems to have its days numbered. There are organizations that are committed to incorporating a chip into these, by means of which it could be certified that it is something genuine. This can be very interesting for certifications, permits and other legal documents.


Location and Tracking

Possibly one of the most extensive uses of rfid technology. There is no object, big or small, that cannot be equip with this one. Most of the passenger and freight transport services have one of these devices. With them, you can have the specific location of a vehicle , a package or the like.

There are schools that install scanners at the entrance doors. Couple with chips that students carry in their purse or backpack, it allows parents to know if their children are where they need to be. By the same system, it can be use in work centers or similar facilities.

The sensors can also be use to locate people. If many mountaineers wore one of these systems, their position could be much better track and found before it is too late.


Rfid technology to equip as sensors

Motion captures are becoming increasingly fashionable. For this reason, some video game designers and sports equipment manufacturers use RFID. With this technology, they can study the way athletes move and publish the results.


Identification of supply chain problems

The time wasted trying to find a problem in the supply chain can be saved. By carrying a radio frequency chip, tracking an item from its origin to the final point of delivery allows the entire process to be monitored. If there is something that can be improved, thanks to the data offered by the labels, they are easier to identify.


Entry to restricted areas

The rfid chips can be individually encoded. This means that it is not necessary to carry keys or magnetic cards to enter certain rooms. Simply wear the appropriate tag and enter or exit freely just by pushing the door. It not only serves as an access system, but also to know what the position of each card is. And therefore, of its owner. we are also providing rfid solutions in Pakistan , you can also contact us.


Military use

The defense sector is implementing solutions base on rfid technology. For example, a decade ago the US Navy used a wristband equipped with a chip to know which officers arrive at hospitals in the Iraq war. This made it possible to control casualties and wound soldiers. They also plan to incorporate these into the equipment and have all the personnel locate. As well as sending them messages about possible hazards near their area.

Troops assisting in natural disasters and similar incidents take great advantage of radio frequency. Thanks to it you can send data about the status of the area, monitor it in real time and know where the most help is need.


Medical care

Patients suffering from some type of disorder, such as the mentally ill, are often unable to leave a certain area. Putting on a chip wrist strap will trigger an alarm when approaching a door where you can escape. Thus the caregivers can better control all the inmates.



RFID technology allows the use of bib numbers as a measure of time. Through a system of sensors connect to a computer, the athletes who pass are point to an automate sheet. This makes it unnecessary to have people with stopwatches at various points. They can also be incorporate into shoes or other objects that are part of the equipment.


Contactless payments

Virtually all bank cards incorporate a radio frequency chip. This replaces the magnetic stripe, although they still carry it because not all places have a reader. The objective is that in the medium term it is only necessary to bring the portfolio closer to a terminal to pay. The most modern bank ATMs also allow you to use their services, such as withdrawing money, without having to remove the plastic from the wallet.


Now, high-end and some mid-range smartphones can install applications with which to use them just like the cards. These also allow to gather several identifications in a single terminal, and use the one that corresponds in each case.


Anti-theft devices

Like the mentally ill control wristbands, the adhesive labels that are place on the products act as an anti-theft device. Until they go through the checkout, they remain active, and if someone tries to take something without paying, a detection arc will sound the alarm. All supermarkets use this technology to prevent theft.

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