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Proper Care Tips for Men’s Underwear

Upon buying new men’s underwear, everything is just perfect and amazing – from the fit, colour, and even the feel of the fabric on your skin. However, after some uses, you’ll notice that it all changes. The colour might not look as bright as new, even the fit and feel of the underwear will change. Those problems are just the common results of improper underwear care.

Since the underwear is more of a private clothing piece, not everyone pays that much attention and detail to the care instructions written on the label. However, when you try to follow those instructions, you’ll be amazed on how long your underwear would last still looking and feeling like new.

First, here are the things you should never do when washing your underwear.

Don’t of Underwear Care

  • Never put it in a hot dryer – Regular clothes can tolerate the heat of the dryer without being damaged. However, it is the opposite case when it comes to underwear. They have elastic waistbands that would get saggy when exposed to too much heat. It also dulls the colours faster, making your underwear look old and worn out. Air drying is best for underwear but if you’re in a hurry, use cool setting in the dryer instead.


  • Avoid drying in direct sunlight – Just like the hot dryer, it is also not advised to expose your underwear in direct sunlight. It wears out the fabric faster and fades colours as well. Simply air dry the underwear after washing, under the shade and away from the sunlight.


  • Don’t use bleach and fabric softener – Fabric softener are perfect for regular clothes but is a big no-no to underwear. The components of fabric softener weaken the fabric especially those made from nylon and polyester based fabrics. Although it doesn’t have much effect on cotton, it should still be done only when necessary. Bleach also weakens the fabrics, making it brittle and wear out easily with frequent use. Never use those two substances when washing underwear.



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Proper Care and Washing

Different fabrics require different care and washing steps. Cotton underwear is easiest to wash since you can wash it regularly like other garments. However, it is important to separate whites from coloured and wash using warm water. If it’s stretchable cotton, keeping the heat to a minimum while washing and drying is important to preserve the elasticity. Always use cold water when washing it.

Microfiber fabrics are naturally soft and stretchy, making them comfortable to wear. When washing underwear made from microfibers such as mens trunk underwear, wash it normally with cold water and never dry it on a hot dryer since the temperature can melt the fabric.

Natural fibres, on the other hand, have an ultra-soft fabric texture. Be sure to wash it delicately to prevent damage on the fibres and avoid lint pills from forming on the surface. Wash these delicate pieces separately from other clothes to avoid friction that could cause damage to the fabric.

With this care and washing tips, you can now preserve the look and feel of your underwear and even make them last longer than the usual.

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