Knot It! 7 Categories Of Ties You Should Know

Is it time to update your tie collection? Or maybe it’s the first time you’ll be purchasing ties? Whatever your reason is, it’s never too late to learn about the different ties you can wear for different occasions.

Aside from the main categories, you should also know your taste when it comes to fashion. From there, you can work your way to finding your style. Then, it’ll be easier for you to use your current wardrobe for future events.

So if you want to know the basic categories of men’s ties, then you should check the list below!

1. Textured

Are you tired of wearing the same old silk or satin tie? Then you should wear textured ties. It’ll make your outfit look more interesting. In addition, You can also choose textured men’s ties that can add a little pop and personality to your outfit.

Of course, you’ll need to be careful when choosing the textured tie that will fit your style. You can start with simple and minimalist designs and colours so you won’t hesitate to wear them for the first time.

You can be as creative as you like depending on your mood, and the event you’re going to. Aside from that, you can also try wearing it with your office suit because it can be worn for casual and formal days.

2. Knitted

Have you tried wearing a knitted tie? If not, then you should! It’s different from the typical woven men’s ties that you usually wear. As the name implies, it’s knitted which is somewhat similar to textured ties.

In addition, knitted ties can be easily identified with their slightly narrower blade and tipping than the standard ties.

There are two different finishes— smooth and crunchy. The smooth finish can be during dates, regular office functions, and parties. On the other hand, the crunchy and rugged texture is ideal for more formal events, and shouldn’t be worn for everyday office settings.

So if you want to do some experiments with your style, you should try buying a few knitted ties based on your taste.

3. Patterned

Don’t have any patterned men’s ties? Maybe you should get at least three when you have time to shop. It’s not so easy to pair with a lot of clothes, but you must have some in case of important events.

Moreover, having patterned ties lets you change your outfit from boring to stylish. It’ll also add a bit of your personality because there’s a wide range of patterns to choose from. Some of these patterns are geometric, polka dots, and stripes. Just name it, and you can find the pattern you’ve been looking for including cartoon characters.

Patterned ties have been in the fashion industry for years so you can also find vintage designs that can be paired with almost everything.

4. Plain and solid

Are you looking for simple men’s ties that you can use for various special events? Then, you can stick to the plain one. Plain is not boring as long as you have a good eye for fashion. So whether you choose matte or shiny, you can still be chosen as the fashion icon of the night.

If you haven’t tried any solid-coloured ties before, you can work your stick from the ever-popular deep blue tie. You can mix-match a lot of shirts and coats that will suit the colour you prefer. Just a quick tip, say no to plain black ties if you can.

Choose deep and dark colours when you’re attending formal events. Meanwhile, pastels can be worn when for an office setting, and wear popping and bright colours when you’re going to parties.

5. Slub

If you don’t own a slub tie, you might have at least a slub shirt. Anyway, the slub fabric caught the attention of fashion experts and decided to create ties from it. This imperfectly perfect fabric can create a great hue that suits a lot of fashion styles.

So if you’re a fan of aesthetics and modern fashion, then you should buy a slub tie. It’s easy to pair with solid-coloured men’s shirts. However, as fun as it looks, you can only wear it for casual occasions.

6. Bow tie

Want an easier tying technique? Then you should stick to cow ties. Nowadays, bow ties can be used when attending casual even. Back then, it’s traditionally for formal events where you need to pair it with a tuxedo.

The modern-day don’t mind if bow ties are quirky and colourful. And just like any other men’s ties, you can wear them from casual to formal.

7. Clip-on

The clip-on or also known as pre-tied is the standard tie that can easily be clipped on your shirt. It’s usually used for children and hazardous jobs such as police officers and waiters. However, if you want to skip the hassle of tying knots all the time, then a clip-on is not that bad.

Don’t worry, they won’t even know that you’re wearing a clip-on as long as it’s not the cheap kind. Clip-ons can be worn on casual to semi-formal events so your problem is solved!


Do you have any plans to increase your tie collection? Try purchasing at least one from each category the next time you shop. Meanwhile, don’t forget to share with us your favourite kind of tie by leaving a comment below!

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