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How we stay safe when we swim

Although the absolute recording of drownings is very difficult, it is estimated that every 30 seconds 1 person dies from drowning as every year in the world about 1,000,000 people lose their lives from drowning, points out the Panhellenic Association of Health Visitors with lifeguard training near me.

In Greece, a country known for its sun and seas, more than 400 people die from drowning every year, mostly men, as men who drown are three times more likely than women.

Statistically, the most dangerous time of the 24 hour period is noon, with the most vulnerable being children, the elderly and those who do not know how to swim or think they swim very well.

And the paradox is that most drowning cases occur just 10 meters from the shore and are rarely found more than 50 meters away.

After a difficult winter, the sea is what we need and long for summer. With simple measures and instructions, we can take care of our safety and avoid possible dangers from the sea water. In fact, civil protection urges people to “respect” the water and ideally, to visit beaches that have lifeguards.

How to stay safe

In its instructions, the civil protection advises us to stay safe on the beach:

Attend swimming lessons.

Follow the instructions of the facility you are visiting.

If you do not know the waters you are going to swim, get information from locals (currents, depth, other traps).
Swim for greater safety on beaches where there are lifeguards. They will monitor your movements and warn you of any dangerous points on the beach or your behavior and of course they will intervene immediately in the event of an accident.

Swim with friends and never alone, because the one who can help immediately is the one who swims with you.
Swim parallel to the shore and not perpendicular to it.

Do not leave children in the water unattended

Always let someone in your family or friends know where you are going and when you will be back If someone near you is in danger, do not try to save them if you do not know the basic rules of rescue.
The currents

There are many cases where currents can carry us away, as it is difficult to prove stronger than them. What do we have to do;

Stay calm, raise your hand and shout for help.

If it is a current, do not swim instead to escape. It is almost impossible to swim faster than a strong current, so the effort will lead to exhaustion.

If the water is shallow enough, try standing up by pressing instead of swimming. If this is not possible, try swimming along the shore until you are safe and out of the current. Immediately after, head vertically to the shore.

In danger

If you see someone in danger:

Call for help

If you can catch something floating or something that can hold the person in danger, then throw it towards him.
Do not enter the sea / pool alone – too many people drown trying to save others
If you manage to save someone, keep them as horizontal as possible during the rescue. Check the airway and breathing and repeat if necessary.

Flagman Beach is one of the best beaches in the Moscow region. It is located 12 km from Moscow on the shores of the Pirogue Reservoir. This beach is ideal for both relaxing holidays with children and noisy parties.

How to get there

Transportation accessibility is the most problematic issue for Flagman Beach, after all, it is located far from Moscow. Getting there on your own is problematic – special minibuses # 438 run from Davidov metro station. Most often people go to the shore of the Perovskite reservoir in their own cars. There is a private car park near the beach.


“Flagman” belongs to the category of paid beaches in the Moscow region, but the price can be called symbolic: the entrance costs only 200 rubles per person, rent sunbeds and umbrellas – for a fee. If you arrived by car, you will have to pay for parking 250 rubles.


Flagman Beach stretches for several hundred meters. The entrance to the water here is not uniform – there are places where the depth begins immediately and there are those where it will be safe to swim even for children. There are a number of kiosks in the area, which can be rented for a fee. There are locker rooms, showers, toilets. Rescuers are constantly on duty. There is a large playground and sandpit for children on the beach. Animators regularly organize recreational activities for young children. In addition, you can rent a boat, scooter, various sports equipment (there are volleyball and football fields). If you are hungry, there are several cafes that cook mainly kebabs and other charcoal dishes.

There is also a separate area for parties and special occasions under a large snow-covered tent on Flagman Beach. This area is fenced so that no strangers can enter.


Once in this place, Peter I ordered his Amusement Fleet, and now it is one of the few beaches in Moscow where they are allowed to swim for many years. In addition, the entrance to the coast is free for everyone.

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