How to find the right impound insurance for your vehicle?

If your vehicle has been impounded for not being insured, you will have to get impound insurance quickly. At Release my vehicle, we have got years of experience in the insurance industry. We provide a 30-day temporary cover policy for this exact reason. After purchase, you can prove that you have the minimum level of coverage needed to get your car released from the police pound and get back on the road as early as possible.

Get Insurance for impounded vehicles

Finding the ideal impound insurance can be tough as this non-standard insurance policy and time is at the core. We are dedicate to giving support to important to release your vehicle from the police pound. But, there are a few aspects to be aware of before buying our impound insurance.

The level of coverage we offer is third-party only which means we cover you for any damage caused to someone else’s vehicle in the event of an accident that is your fault. 

We will give you the important documentation via mail as your proof of purchase is required to release your vehicle from the police pound.

Why do the police impound vehicles?

The police and other authorities can impound your vehicle if

  • The vehicle is not correctly insure
  • It is not tax
  • The vehicle is illegally park on public roads
  • Driver parked the vehicle on private land without a SORN (statutory Off Road Notification)
  • The vehicle is being drive dangerously
  • It is causing obstruction
  • Someone else (besides the registered owner) driving the vehicle without a valid driving license

What happens to vehicles impounded by the police?

The police and other authorities have get all the power to impound and destroy or scrap any vehicle that is found to not insure. It is not legal in the UK to drive a vehicle on the road without a minimum of third-party insurance. Also, even vehicles not rightly insured could get penalized.

Penalties for drivers not insured include fixed penalty fees and penalty points on your license. In addition, if the case goes to court, you could large fine and also get ban from driving.

Once impounded, police will take your vehicle to the police pound generally located at the nearest police pound. An impound notice will detail exactly where and when your vehicle has taken.

Following the police pound, you will have just 7 working days to generate the important impound policy documentation. It will then allow your vehicle to retrieved, and a further 7 days to recover it. If you are unable to reclaim the vehicle after 14 days, the authorities will have all the power to scrap it or sold at auction.

How can you recover your impounded vehicle?

If your vehicle has been impound and take to the police pound, you should act quickly, to get it release from the police pound, you must follow these steps:

  • The authorities will provide you with an impound notice when they take your vehicle at the roadside
  • The registered owner must attend the police pound within seven days to provide the required documentation
  • A driver should show driving license
  • You will also have to show the vehicle’s valid MOT
  • Proof of current road tax on the vehicle
  • Proof of vehicle insurance 
  • Once the police have checked all your documents are in place, they will provide you  release notice which will enable you to collect your vehicle
  • Only the registered owner of the vehicle will likely allowed to retrieve an impounded vehicle, other than in exceptional situations
  • You will have to pay a release fee plus daily storage charges
  • If you are unable to collect it within the given deadline, the vehicle will scrapped or thrown away.

How can you get an impound insurance quote?

Release my vehicle is an expert insurance provider, we are offering impound insurance for those wanting to retrieve their vehicle from the police pound without much fuss. We are helping drivers that might be classified as a ‘higher risk’ find the cover they require. To get an insurance quote, call us and get your vehicle retrieve and back on the road as early as possible.

How can you get the benefit from our impound insurance policy?

We have been providers of impound insurance. As such, we can provide a high level of customer support for insurance policies that can customized to your insurance requirements. Our committed UK-based team of professional insurance brokers is on hand to assist you to secure the impound insurance policy you require.

By insuring with Release my vehicle, you can get the following benefits:

  • Our UK-based call centers are always open to help you
  • A committed impound insurance team
  • 24-hour claim team

If you need any kind of help regarding impounded vehicles, you can always reach us and our expert insurance providers will provide you with what you need to get your vehicle out of the police pound.

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