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Download Video TikTok

Download video TikTok without Watermark – It’s hard to remove the name of the TikTok application from millennials today. Almost people from all walks of life like to watch videos, or maybe you are one of those people who often upload videos to this application made by ByteDance.

Videos uploaded on the tiktok platform are very diverse, ranging from video tutorials, tips, funny and adorable videos, and much more. For those who want to save these videos, there are many choices of ways that you can use them, and of course, they are easy and free. You can even remove the watermark or watermark on tiktok videos.

For those of you who don’t know how then you can listen to reviews from infopostings.com this time.

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How to Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark

If the method above can leave watermarks on the tiktok video that you have downloaded, then this next method you can remove the watermark. Here are the ways.

Download TikTok Videos Without TikTok Text

Saving videos from the tiktok app and site is very easy, even without the app. So you don’t need to overload your smartphone or laptop with additional applications.

The reason is that the application saves data, which will reduce cellphone memory and can make your cellphone slow or reduce its performance.

Check out how to download tiktok videos without the following application

  • Look for the tiktok video that will be downloaded via the search column or explore tiktok
  • Click the share button then select the Copy link
  • Open Chrome or another browser on your phone, visit the site https://downtik.net
  • Enter the copied link into the column
  • Wait until 2 download button options appear, namely with a watermark or without a watermark
  • Click a button and wait until the download is complete

Download Video Tiktok by Snaptik

SnapTik TikTok downloader
SnapTik – the best TikTok downloader

The watermark or watermark on the tiktok video is quite large, so for some people, it is a little annoying. In addition, many users want to download videos for other needs, such as online shop promotions, making video compilations, and uploading them on status, IG and others.

So here’s an easy way to remove the watermark from a tiktok video:

  • Open the tiktok application on your cellphone, search for the video you want to download
  • Click the Share button in the lower right corner of the screen, then select copy video URL
  • Go to site https://snaptik.app/en, then paste the URL into the column provided
  • Wait a while until the tiktok video appears automatically and the download button is available
  • Click the download button from server 1 or 2
  • Please wait for the process to complete and a notification that the tiktok video has been downloaded successfully
  • You can check in the storage folder on your smartphone or from the photo and video gallery application

Using Tikmate

TikTok Video downloader Tikmate

For the next method, we can take advantage of other sites, namely tikmate, as the way you can do it is as follows.

  • Open the Tiktok application that you have on your cellphone or on the website if you are using a laptop
  • Choose the Tiktok video you want to download
  • After that, click Share located on the bottom right button
  • If so, click Copy link on the button. This link will have the following form
  • You can download it by visiting the site https://tikmate.online, then paste the copied link.
  • Click Download and wait for the video download process. In this case, there will be only one server. Choose server 1 and the Tiktok video will be saved on your device.

Pretty easy isn’t it? If you don’t like this one website, you can switch to trying the website that we will recommend next.

Savetik Download Video TikTok

Recently, there has been a lot of popping up, including Savetik. For those of you who want to try this site as a medium for storing tiktok videos, then you can take several steps as follows.

  • First, prepare the Tiktok video link that you want to download
  • Then you can visit the site savetik.app
  • Paste the link in the column provided
  • Select the download icon on the side
  • Then you just need to download the video.

The presence of this one site is no less popular than ssstiktok, because it is very easy to download, with only a few steps.

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Using SaveFrom.net

Besides Tikmate, you can also use Savefrom.net. A website that has long been used by many people to download videos from various platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and others as long as you have the URL of the video.

This website can of course also be used for Tiktok in almost the same way. For more details, see the following tutorial:

  • First, open the Tiktok application on your smartphone
  • After that, look for the video that you want to download without a watermark
  • Then click on the video to open it
  • Click the arrow icon at the bottom right or commonly known as the share button
  • Here click copy URL to get the URL of the video
  • After getting the URL, close the Tiktok application and open your browser
  • Open website savefrom.net
  • On the front, there will be a column and paste the URL that you got earlier in this column
  • Click download in the right column and select the format you want
  • The download process will start automatically.

Unfortunately now savefrom is not as free as it used to be which frees users to choose the desired format. Because now there are only a few formats to choose from and the rest you have to pay for premium features.

Download Tiktok Videos to Mp3

Tiktok is a platform where people from all over the world share their work, experiences, and interesting videos. Moreover, the uploaded video has a sound effect that makes the video more memorable.

There are many background sounds on tiktok, ranging from funny, sad, popular songs, song snippets, and much more. The sounds are made by tiktok users or what is known as Tiktoker.

For those who are impatient, want to download funny and unique sounds from tiktok, no need to install applications and so on, because there is an easy way you can do it with the following guide

  • Open the Tiktok app on your smartphone
  • Select the tiktok video that you want to convert into mp3
  • Press the share button or share in the lower right corner of the screen
  • Select copy link
  • Go to the site https://ttsave.app/
  • Paste the link that was copied earlier, into the available URL column
  • Wait for the link rendering process to complete, then the tiktok video you want along with the download button will appear
  • There will be 3 button options, namely, download without watermark, download mp3 and download profile photo
  • Please select download audio mp3
  • The tiktok video file will be downloaded on your cellphone and automatically changed to mp3 audio format, wait until the process is complete.

You can use the Mp3 file as needed, for example, to add effects to other videos, phone call ringtones, alarm tones, notification tones, and others.

Download Video Tiktok on Telegram

Telegram is an instant messaging application that has many features and advantages over other messaging applications.

Telegram allows you to create groups with unlimited members, send large video photos and save other types of files. In addition, Telegram can also be used to run commands via bots.

Telegram bots are capable of executing commands desired by their users, such as downloading videos. So it’s not surprising that many developers make Telegram bots with the tiktok video download function.

Here’s a guide to downloading tiktok videos via Telegram.

  • Open the tiktok application to copy the URL of the video you want to download
  • How to select a tiktok video, press the share button, select copy link
  • Next, open the Telegram application on your cellphone
  • Click on the Telegram search field
  • Enter keyword Hk tiktok
  • Choose an account with that username or with the name Tiktok Downloader
  • Open the bot, click the start button
  • Please paste the video link/link and send a message to the bot
  • Then a tiktok video will appear automatically
  • Click the down arrow icon to save the video in your cellphone gallery
  • Finished

Telegram Bot Name To Download TikTok Videos

If at any time you can’t use the bot above, here we share a list of Telegram bots to download Tiktok videos as an alternative, including:

  1. HK TikTok DL (@HK_tiktok_BOT)
  2. Tik Tok Downloader (@downloader_tiktok_bot)
  3. Tik Tok Downloader Bot (@madeinttbot)

The final word

That was a set of ways that you can try to download TikTok videos without a watermark. For additional information, TikTok can now be said to be a platform that has a very large number of users.

Even some of the social media that dominate today, such as Instagram, have been overtaken by Tiktok in terms of the number of users.


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